Trim Healthy Mama Life

Trim Healthy Mama Life


Ugh. Sugar detox. It’s. The. Worst.

Secret confession number who knows; I am a HUGE sour candy fan. I love it. I also love chocolate covered donuts. Monster cookies. Brownies. And yeah, probably dessert of any kind. So of course the holiday’s are a nightmare for me. Although this year my whole little family got the flu a the week of Christmas so I think I lost 5 pounds instead of gaining it…But I wouldn’t recommend that weight loss plan to anyone *shudders*.

But, I would recommended Trim Healthy Mama. Oh man ladies, this one is the real deal. I love it! Almost as much as I love sour candy, but not quite.

I’m going to be honest (aren’t I always?), the book is huge, and it takes some buckling down to get through and master the concepts, but once you do it’s life changing. The recipes are seriously delicious, you don’t go hungry, you can have sweets, you can eat tons of butter and cheese in the right settings, and you can each basically as much as you want. Which for someone with a high metabolism like me is amazing. There is NO way I could do those diets that give you a pinky finger worth of chicken and a quarter cup of rice. Uh-ha. No way. Not me.

When I found Trim Healthy Mama and realized how life changing it could potentially be I jumped in with both feet. I haven’t stuck to the diet perfectly, actually normally I only loosely follow the guidelines because I have a fairly high metabolism, but when I gain a few extra pounds because I’ve binged a little more than normal I can just tighten up on the rules and be back to my normal weight in no time. Best part is even my husband loves it. He rarely has disliked any of the recipes I’ve tried and slims down right along side of me. Honestly I’ve never found a better or more sustainable weight loss program. I think it mainly boils down to the fact that Trim Healthy Mama is meant to be lived as a life style, not a yo-yo diet.

So anyhow, I posted a picture on my Instagram account a few days ago of the most scrumptious coffee cake and wanted to share the recipe here. It is so good even my two-year old loves it! He was the one who requested it. I made it a month ago and randomly out of the blue the other day he asked me to make the coffee cake again. I was so impressed he remembered! On top of that, my husband came in the door just as it was coming out of the oven and not realizing it was “diet” food stole a couple of bites. “Mmmmm, that’s really good.” Was all he said. Pretty sure every woman reading this who has ever tried to get her husband to eat “diet” food can understand why I was dancing on the inside (okay, on the outside too) at that comment.

Okay, because I’m not sure of all the copy right rules and stuff, I’m going to share the link to the original recipe as I did not come up with this myself (sadly, otherwise I’d probably be famous). If you’d like to try out this amazing recipe you can find it HERE. Please, please, do yourself a favor and make this cake, so, so good!

Happy “Dieting”,


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