7 Tips to Keep Your Cool with Kleenex Go Anywhere Packs

7 Tips to Keep Your Cool with Kleenex Go Anywhere Packs

Kleenex Go Anywhere

7 Tips to Keep Your Cool This Summer with Kleenex Go Anywhere Packs

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It’s summer.

The sun is shining, the kids are out of school, it’s hot, I’m tired, and everyone is already staring to get a little frazzled; awesome.

With summer comes lots of fun, but also lots of busyness and being on the go. Why is it that I always think our schedule is going to be more relaxed and yet every summer it’s busier than ever? Ugh.

Motherhood is messy and stressful already,= there is nothing worse than finding yourself in a sticky spot completely unprepared. But because we’re on the go so much, I continually find myself living out of my van, hobo style.

My youngest just turned one, but let’s be honest, I ditched that bulky diaper bag months ago. It’s so freeing to just be carrying around my sleek little over the shoulder number, buuuuuut it also presents a few problems; less pocket space for one thing. I am constantly finding myself in a mess or needing a baby wipe and yet I come up short. (But still, I refuse to go back to a diaper bag, my pride just won’t allow it friends.)

That is why I am loving this new product, Kleenex Go Anywhere packs are the perfect solution! I don’t have to go back to a diaper bag in shame, but I also have easy clean up at my finger tips -literally.

This awesome little number clips right to any bag and is as cute as can be! I clipped it around my purse strap and didn’t even notice it was there until we were elbow deep in ice cream drippings and the two measly little napkins the pimply teenager at the counter had handed me were soaked through.

Kleenex Go Anywhere
As I looked around me with half wild eyes, trying to decide whether I should make a dash for the front counter, and risk my kids falling of their bench or just try to wipe the mess with my hands, I remembered the handy little package clipped to my purse. Popped it open a viola! Clean kids! If you’re like me and find yourself on the go a lot in the summer months, this cute little package may just became your new best friend.

When you find yourself elbow deep in all the sticky messes that come with summer (popsicles, freezies, watermelon, and the list goes on), you’ll be grateful for this little handy-dandy pack that can Go Anywhere with you. And in the spirit of being prepared for anything and ready to go anywhere here are 7 Tips to make your summer a great one.

My Top Tips to Keep Your Cool This Summer

1) Always be prepared. Being prepared can mean remembering to stock your diaper bag, or if you’ve ditched it like me as easy as clipping your Kleenex Go Anywhere pack to your purse. As a mom it’s vital you’re ready to clean up any mess you’re presented with, and I know you know what I’m talking about. *cue major eye roll*

Kleenex Go Anywhere
2) Plan ahead. Some days I like to wing it, but most, I try to have an action plan before my kids ever wake up. Having at least 1-2 flexible activities in mind when you start the day can really help things go smoother. So often I find myself in the moment with antsy kids and a blank mind. When I think ahead I can still play thing by ear and customize my day to how my kids are behaving that day or if the weather is cooperating or not, but I also don’t get stuck indoors with nothing to do.

3) But don’t plan too much. As I said above, plan 1-2 things a day. Normally we get to one. Trying to plan out every minute of the day and having more than a couple activities can go horribly wrong, fast, trust me. Nothing makes mommy and babies grumpier than forced fun while trying to rush from one thing to the next. If the plan for the day is the park, plan to be there as long as your kids are happy there.

Kleenex Go Anywhere
4) Pack snacks. Kids get hungry, it’s a fact of life. I love packing som simple snacks like a granola bar or apple sauce pouches to have at the ready whenever my kids ask. It definitely beats paying $3 for an applesauce at the zoo right?

5) Take your time. Don’t be afraid to slow down and enjoy the moment. I think kids can sense when we’re up tight and rushed. The amazing thing about children is that they can do the same thing for hours and not get sick of it. I find that I am continually trying to rush my children and can steal the joy of the moment because of it. My point being, lick your ice cream one lick at a time.

Kleenex Go Anywhere
6) Be fully present. Yikes. I’ve just got to be honest; this is a hard one for me guys. Often I think just becasue I’m with my kids at the park it’s enough, it’s not. Their little hearts crave our full attention; eye contact, focus. This is obviously a really hard tip since now days we’re almost completely dependent on our phones for everything. So recently I’ve started leaving my phone home if we’re going for a walk around the park or are playing in the driveway. And when I see a moment that is so perfect that I need to snap a picture I don’t. I smile a little and I lock it away in my mind knowing that those moments that no one will see are truly the most precious.

7) And if all else fails, get ice cream. End of story.

Kleenex Go Anywhere
Written in the cool shade of my living room while fully anticipating the heat that tomorrow will bring, stay strong mamas, stay strong.


PS) Don’t mind our pink cheeks and sweaty demeanor. We stumbled upon a small summer festival at one of our local parks on the lake. Of course when Z saw the myriad of bouncy houses lining the walkway he just had to join the fun. Post bounce session we decided to stop in at the local ice cream parlor, to you know, cool down and stuff 😉

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Kleenex Go Anywhere
Kleenex Go Anywhere

Get cash back on your Kleenex purchase at Walmart!


7 Tips to Keep Your Cool this summer; Summer time gets busy, kids get crazy, and moms go insane, keep things level headed with these 7 tips! - HonestlyMommy

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  1. We could have used some of those today….We made a huge, sticky mess at McDonalds with some 59 cent ice cream cones. I’ll pick some up and be much more prepared for our next sweet treat adventure.

  2. Oh, soooo should have had some of these today…We made a huge sticky mess at McDonalds with their 59 cent ice cream cones:) I’ll have to pick some up so I’m better prepared for our next sweet treat adventure!

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