The Simple Seam

The Simple Seam

Friends, let me gladly introduce you to The Simple Seam. Lovely, affordable, and high quality, this is an online boutique you will want to visit again and again!

I first came across The Simple Seama month or so ago while scrolling the plethora of shots in the ‘photos you may like’ section of Instagram and then ‘BAM!’, there was a photo that yes, I definitely did like. I clicked through to the feed and started liking like a mad woman. When you have to refrain from double tapping and commenting on ever picture you know you’ve found a feed that suits your taste. I loved the clothes and could see myself in every piece.

Fast forward a bit and my clothes arrives on my birthday I might add, what a great gift! The first time I opened my package from The Simple Seam and touched the clothes I was in love; the shirt was so soft and the cardigan was a nice heavy weight -both high quality for sure. I was practically giddy and instantly had to try my new clothes on. I swirled around my bedroom letting the soft fabric of the Jillian striped peplum and Delaney crocheted cardigan flow around me; yep, new favorite outfit hand down. This was an outfit that I could wear if I’m feeling fat, skinny, crabby, happy, pretty, ugly…You know what I mean? One of those go-to outfits that now matter your mood or mental constitution instantly makes you feel better.

The Delaney Crocheted Cardigan has quickly become my favorite piece to add to any outfit -and I’ve only had it a week! I was so impressed with the weighty feel of the yarn used to make it and the way it added a boho pop to an other wise plain outfit, I think I wore it three days in a row (don’t judge me!). I love how thick and heavy the material is, not I-can’t-wear-this-in-the-summer thick, but high quality this-will-last-through-the-decades sort of thick. And the Jillian Striped Peplum is so soft and comfortable, oh, and is breastfeeding friendly for all you mama out there, I could basically live in this top! I wore it to my sister’s house and she instantly was on top of me “Where did you get that shirt? It’s so cute! I want it! Can I borrow it?” I am a sold out lover of The Simple Seam for sure.

So if you’re looking for a few fun pieces or want just want to feel soft and feminine, make sure that your head over to The Simple Seam and check out their line of chic, functional, and fabulous clothing; you won’t regret it!

Feeling Fashionable,

Honestly Mommy

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