Start Your Blog Now: Why and How

Start Your Blog Now: Why and How

Why You Should Start a Blog

And how to do it!

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Why You Should Start a Blog and How To Do It -

If you don’t have a blog, you’re behind the times and should start one –immediately. 

Blogging has become a thriving business over the past couple of years and thanks to apps like Instagram it’s only going to keep on growing.

While Instagram is growing like wildfire and is an excellent platform for marketing, it’s not all inclusive. You’re limited in your descriptions because of word caps and many companies see blogging as a more legitimate “business”.

Social media marketing is huge right now, to the point that department stores are closing because they just can’t keep up with the online sales. People aren’t shopping in stores as much anymore (well, unless it’s Target, Target will forever live on because of moms everywhere), everyone has moved online because of the convenience of shopping from your couch, the ease of having it shipped to your door, and oh yeah, no screaming kids in check out lines. And advertising is following suit.

Companies are beginning to understand that the market is now in word of mouth advertising more than big arbitrary ad campaigns; they want real people to market their product because real people are buying the product. Makes sense to me.

In recent years we’ve seen a switch over in marketing techniques, rather than waif thin models, we’re now starting to see relatively normal sized woman and even plus sized models in ads and on TV. I love Target’s recent swimsuit commercials because they actually have quite a few different body shapes and instantly my thought is, “if she can wear it, then I can wear it!” And isn’t that what they want?

Right now the tides are turning and a new type of social media marketing is emerging; want in? Great, me too!

Why You Should Start a Blog and How To Do It -

Obviously blogging has been around for years and there are already many well established and profitable blogs out that so you’re probably thinking “why would I even try to compete?” Well good news! You don’t have to.

I believe each blogger is unique and has their own set of customers that they will attract, even if you don’t have a large following you are still worth getting paid to post on social media.

Think about it, maybe you’re a mommy with a unique back story about how you struggled to get pregnant. If you write a blog, focused on that topic, you are going to attract other moms with similar stories, and a specific demographic. I on the other hand have not had that experience, so I can’t speak to that group in the same way that you can. Although they may connect with me, I may not offer the advice, products, and services that are helpful to them, but maybe you can!

So if you’re even slightly considering starting a blog –just do it!

Even if you don’t know your “niche” right away, that’s okay! Get it started, write a few articles, and start gaining an engaged audience, your niche may find you.

Okay, but here’s the kicker, you don’t want to create a free blog.


It’s painful but it’s true, how would I know? Been there, done that.

I blogged for free on for almost a year before I realized that I was doing it wrong. I built a fairly substantial following considering the fact that I posted irregularly, had no niche whatsoever ever, and my lay out was lame.

When I started partnering with companies and wanted to run stories about their amazing products like my collaboration with The Simple Seam, I realized my blog just wasn’t sufficient for what I wanted to do. Although it’s great to be able to blog for free, with you get very limited options as far as customization goes and you cannot monetize your blog through ad companies like google adsense.

So there I was, with my blog already up and running, having to back track, find a good host, buy a domain, switch everything over, merge my followers (which I’m not sure happened correctly anyways), and basically start from scratch; it was so frustrating!

If you’re looking to make a go at Social Media Motherhood, please, please, learn from my mistakes and don’t try and take all the cheapskate shortcuts like I did! (Because I think it cost me money in the long run.)

Why You Should Start Your Blog Now ad How to Do It -

Consider you blog an investment. I chose Blue Host because I read great reviews and they had fairly reasonable packages. I got my entire site and domain name (which usually costs money but was free through Blue Host) for under $170 for 2 years, which all things considered really is a great deal. Blue Host is continually running sales and once you sign up you can register for their affiliate program and potentially make your money back by referring customers to their website (which is exactly what I’m doing right now lol).

Which ever hosting site you choose to go with, just make sure that they also have some sort of blog hosting capability. I loved that Blue Host had a super easy WordPress plugin option so once I bought my package I just followed the easy installation directions and downloaded Blue Host to my site; easy peasy.

I went with the two year package because #1 it was cheaper than 1 year and I wasn’t ready to shell out for the 3 year (ha ha) and I figured by about 2 years in I’d really have a feel for whether or not I can make a go of this whole blogging thing or not.

So, back to the beginning…Why you should start your own blog; because you have a unique take on life, it is an industry with limitless potential, and because if you are hoping to make money on Instagram or have a small business of some kind you will most likely want/need a blog to go with it. (Many companies are more willing to work with you if you have a blog or sometimes even require a blog post as part of your collaboration.)

So hop on the bandwagon and get started today, because it’s really not as hard as you may think, and it will benefit you in the long run.

With Love,


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