Social Media; Raising the Curtain on Instagram Motherhood

Social Media; Raising the Curtain on Instagram Motherhood

The Effects of Social Media

Social Media I can be a hard mistress and sometimes insecurities are illuminated to the fullest in this world of make believe.

 Social Media is a hard mistress and sometimes insecurities are illuminated to the fullest in this world of make believe. Come behind the scenes with one social media mom. -

When you put yourself out there on social media day after day you’re bound to attract all sorts of attention, good and bad, especially as a Social Media Mom.

One moment they love you, the next they hate you.

One comment can turn into a string of painful and mean hearted banter.

People you thought were friends can end up gossiping about you or attacking you in one way or another.


What is it about social media that can turn such wonderful people into something they’re not?

I would say jealousy is the top culprit when it comes to malicious rumors and gossip; we all want what the other person has.

She has more followers, I want that. But she has more engaged followers, I want that. But she has “organic growth”, ooooo I reallywant that.

I realized that social media was making me more insecure than ever about my following, my posts, even my “friends”.

I learned the hard way that not everyone who is kind to your face is kind behind a screen.

For some reason people seem to think that because they have a screen to protect them they can say whatever they want and trash talk people like they don’t actually exist. Wrong. Things have a way of getting back to the person that you didn’t intend.

Also, why the heck is everyone so jealous of each other anyhow!?

I am not an easily intimidated person. I don’t often feel unsure of myself or dislike who God created me to be; and then came social media.

The “higher” I rose the more I cared.

I cared what they thought of me. I cared if they liked my post. I cared if they thought I was funny, or genuine, or cool.

Bottom line; I cared.

And I think I cared way too much.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of social media and get sucked into the alternate reality that we’ve created there, because that’s what it is, an alternate reality.

Instagram and social media sites are. not. real.

Hear me when I say this, it doesn’t matter how large or small of a following you have or whether or not you come across as authentic or completely fake; everyone is going to find a reason to have a problem with you, end of story.

Humans are fickle beings and jealousy is part of our core.

I watch my kids daily fight over their toys; whichever toy they hold in their hand is desperately desired by the other. Do you think adults are any different?

I am disappointed with myself mainly that I gave in to any of it and let the lies get to me. I am not an insecure person and I refuse to let Social Media Motherhood and it’s impossible standards get the best of me and effect my self confidence.

After I shared my most recent blog post about using a bot to grow my Instagram account, I’ve gotten an overwhelming amount of responses; most of them positive which surprised me.

I let the gossip get to me and believed that everyone would shame me and it was actually quite the opposite, I was met with kindness and understanding and most people’s opinion was “who really cares?”

It helped me to bring the Social Media world back into perspective.

Although I am so grateful for the continued opportunities that are presented to me because of my Social Media platforms, I am now also aware that if I let it rule my life it will ruin me.

We are all greater than the tiny piece of our lives than we share on Instagram; let’s not loose ourselves in other’s opinions.

What each person decides to share on their account is their decision and their’s alone.

Many Social Media Moms face criticism daily for presenting everything as too “perfect”.

They are often accused of being “inauthentic” and “fake” for presenting only the loveliest moments in motherhood.

At one time I would have said the same, but as I have traveled this journey into Social Media Motherhood, I’ve realized that it is not a crime to want to preserve the best moments of our lives.

In life, as on Instagram, I want to look back on my time with my children and remember the beautiful moments, not the struggle and tantrums.

I want to remember the fun we had discovering new things together; the wonder on their little faces.

The way my son deeply loves cars and engines and my daughter is already acting like a sweet mommy to her dolls.

When we keep Instagram in perspective and see it for the fun and supportive space it can be, it becomes just another creative outlet.

With my fresh perspective on Social Media Motherhood I am determined to continue on this journey and share my piece of life in my little corner of the internet.

I will forever be grateful for the friends Instagram has brought me, the opportunities to make some extra income for my family, and the way the other mamas on this space have inspired me to reach higher, love deeper, and be a better wife a mom.

If you’re interested in reading more about Motherhood through Instagram I hope that you’ll check out some of my friends who will also be sharing posts today on this subject.

Hilary over at The Ruff Life is sharing her story in a new post titled “True Life: I am a Social Media Influencer” where she explains what it means to be an influencer and how she got started. She also rounded up a bunch of Social Media Moms to give their take on the whole deal so make sure to check it out!

There is so much beauty to be found on Social Media, but along with the beauty can come ugliness too. I don’t want to only share the beautiful parts of being a Social Media Influencer so that people go into it with rose colored glasses as I feel I did.

It’s a lot of hard work and like and other job, it is highly rewarding, but can also be overwhelming at times.

I hope that as you find your place and your voice on Social Media you will always stay true to yourself and who God created you to be; you are enough. Don’t lose site of that.

I am always open to discussion or questions either here or on Instagram, my goal is always to inspire, uplift, and help as many moms along on their journey as I can, no subject is off limits with me.

With Love,


2 thoughts on “Social Media; Raising the Curtain on Instagram Motherhood

  1. Great article Steph. Being 100% genuine and not letting other people’s thoughts or opinions dictate who you become is interestingly one of the main reasons I wanted to start a blog/Instagram. It’s tough at times, but I generally see the same positive responses you are talking about. People generally encourage you to be you. This topic ki da reminded me of the TedTalk by JP Sears on why we should be our “weird selves” and why it’s important. Being ourselves is the most fun thing to do anyway 😊

    1. Yes!!!! Agreed! I don’t know why we always feel so pressured to be someone else when people like individuality more 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s a crazy world. You’re doing great being true to yourself though, your videos are always hilarious and so uniquely you!

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