Social Media Marketing Income Report: May-June 2017

Social Media Marketing Income Report: May-June 2017

Social Media Marketing Income Report

How I’m Making Money on Social Media as a Stay at Home Mom and How Much!

How I made over $2,100 through social media marketing in Cash and Merchandise in 2 months as a stay at home mom! -

Curious as to how I’m making money on Instagram through social media marketing and want to know how you can too? Yeah, I thought so.

This may sound like a bad infomercial, but I know you’re curious because I was too! When I started this journey all I really wanted to know was how these moms actually made money on Instagram through social media marketing and how much they made. Don’t even pretend that you don’t sit and stalk other mom accounts all day everyday just wondering how they do it.

So for me part of the goal in becoming a Social Media Mommy is to share my journey with you. I want you to have insider access into what I’m doing to gain sponsors, post beautiful photos, and make money on social media.

I think these reports are going to be as much for me as they are for you, I want to keep track of how I’ve grown, and as my favorite book says, “not despise the day of small beginnings.” Most people would probably look at these little social media marketing “income” reports and laugh, and that’s okay. I’m a stay at home more with more than enough on my plate right now, this is a side hobby that has turned into a full blown passion and I am still in the baby stages of learning about this amazing market.

I feel like I should preface this post by saying that I don’t always make cold hard cash; a lot of times, especially as I was starting out, I just did collaborations in exchange for products which is very common in the Instagram world. As I’ve grown and started to look at how much time I invest in one post, I’ve begun to realize that I’m worth getting paid to post on Instagram. Now I rarely do a post in exchange for just product as I’m realizing it normally is not worth the time I put into it. (Although if it’s a product I really want let’s just be honest, I totally break my own rules and say yes, ha ha.)

How I made over $2,100 through social media marketing in Cash and Merchandise in 2 months as a stay at home mom! -

Okay, so here we go.

Merchandise and Income Report for May, 2017

Merchandise Income:

-Sponsor 1 – $103.00

-Sponsor 2 – $134.98

-Sponsor 3 – $42.80

-Sponsor 4 – $19.99

-Sponsor 5 – $52.00

-Sponsor 6 – $30

-Sponsor 7 – $17.00

-Sponsor 8 – $80

-Sponsor 9 – $40

-Sponsor 10 – $23.99

-Sponsor 11 – $22.00

-Sponsor 12 – $34.99

-Sponsor 13 – $90.00

-Sponsor 14 – $150.00

-Sponsor 15 – $96.00

-Sponsor 16 – $35.00

Merchandise Total: $1,004.75

Cash Income: None 🙁 Boo….

Total Income for May: $1,004.75 (This total only reflects the retail value of the merchandise I received.)


May was a good, but very busy month for me. I didn’t realize how many people I’d said yes to until all the packages started arriving. I feel like I said yes to too many “small” collaborations in May and as you can probably see reflected in the totals towards the end of the month, I started getting smarter and wouldn’t collaborate in exchange for just product unless I really wanted it, or it was more than $50 in value.

How I made over $2,100 through social media marketing in Cash and Merchandise in 2 months as a stay at home mom! -

Merchandise and Income Report for June, 2017:

Merchandise Income:

-Sponsor 1 – $32.99

-Sponsor 2 – $229.00

-Sponsor 3 – $29.95

-Sponsor 4 – $45.00

-Sponsor 5 – $35.00

-Sponsor 6 – $80.00

-Sponsor 7 – $50.00

-Sponsor 8 – $45.00

-Sponsor 9 – $38.00

-Sponsor 10 – $200

-Sponsor 11 – $120

-Sponsor 12- $52

Merchandise Total – $956.94

Cash Income:

Linquia Campaign – $83.20

Private Partnership – $95.00

Referral – $5

Cash Total – $183.20

Total Income for June – $1,140.14 (This total does not reflect a few partnerships that I made in June but won’t be going through until July, I only added the actual amounts I received in June.)


In June I partnered with a lot of brands and products that I genuinely loved. It was so fun to get to partner with companies whose message and values I strongly believe in and support. I worked with a lot of American made companies and companies that give back on purchases, I felt June was a good month for me. I also learned to better value myself as an Influencer and not take on so many projects feeling like they are doing me a favor. I’ve realized my time is very valuable and I have a large following base who trusts my opinion and I never want to abuse their trust by promoting something I don’t like, so I’ve really been focusing on brands I can proudly stand behind.

I also had my first big disappointment in June though; one of the first companies who received my media kit and decided to partner with me as a paid influencer turned out to be a bit of a scam. The company got the product into my hands and then wrote me a fairly breezy note saying they’d had a bad experience with influencers and wouldn’t pay me, but they’d appreciate if I posted a five star review on their page. This came not three days after we’d worked out all the details so there’s no way that much transpired so quickly, which left me feeling like I’d been played.

I was really discouraged after this encounter, but I put my big girl panties on and soldiered on. And guess what happened!? I got my first real partner. The night the PayPal invoice came through I squealed and danced around my kitchen. This whole journey has been so thrilling for me and being able to turn my passion into a way to help support my family is like a dream come true!

There is a huge opportunity in social media marketing right now and I think there is untapped potential for stay at home moms. I’m always looking for ways to make money that don’t take me away from my kids, and the great part about this one is that it was something I was already doing!

Social media marketing has revolutionized my life as a stay at home mom and is opening up new avenues for me that I never even imagined were possible.

I am looking forward to continuing to share my journey with you, please take a moment to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss out on any details and because currently I’m offering my FREE resource guide just for subscribing! It’s chalk full of apps, websites, and information that will help get you started off on the right foot!

Cheers to the Future,


PS) I’ll be sharing more on the topic of social media marketing and how I’m making money on Instagram soon, plus I plan to keep up these monthly reports so stay tuned!

How I made over $2,100 through social media marketing in Cash and Merchandise in 2 months as a stay at home mom! -

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Stephanie!! It’s been super helpful and motivating to follow someone that has seen success and had many small “wins” along the way in this market. Makes ya feel like it’s all possible!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You are such an inspiration and I when I read your posts, I feel like I’m talking to a good friend. And congratulations on your success so far!!

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