So You Want to be a Social Media Mom; Here’s What You need to Know

So You Want to be a Social Media Mom; Here’s What You need to Know

So you want to be an Instamom huh? Hm. Well, consider that choice thouroughly before you dive in, because trust me, it is harder than it looks. It takes lots of time, lots of energy, and lots of effort.

A year ago I looked at all those pristine accounts filled with gorgeous “candid” photos full of love and laughter and went, ‘I can do that’, fast forward a year and wow, it is a lot harder than I thought.

It looks so easy. Take a photo of your sweet smiling babies (extra points if you catch them gazing into each other’s eyes and laughing), edit it to perfection (extra points for warm colors cooled by excellent editing), write the perfect caption that will get all the feels (extra points if it includes words like motherhood, journey, breastfeeding, and candid), choose the appropriate hashtags (extra points for having 10 “new”, 10 “trending”, and 10 “small”), post it on social media, and watch the likes and comments roll in…Or not.

*crickets chirpping*

Yep. Maybe it is not that easy.

First let us start with the photo. Man! Trying to get your brood to hold still for a picture is close to impossible! I have a very high energy two year old who is a constant blurry streak in all my photos. On top of that, trying to get a picture of the three of us is like conducting a mission to the moon -from your basement. And really, should we even touch on trying to get your husband in a shot or two? You are dreaming mama!

Okay, so you got the perfect picture? That’s great! Now on to editing! *grimace*

Editing. Ugh. Is it bright enough? Are the colors cool enough? Is there enough white space? Does my flat lay look good? Are my cherubs sweet enough? Is this too mainstream? Does it capture my artistic vision?

This and a million other questions will roll through your mind as you’re indecisively looking at your 10+ photo editing apps. To VSCO or not to VSCO? Snapseed anyone? Maybe I should just use good ‘ol Instagram editing…

Miracle of miracles, you’ve got your picture and edited it to perfection (or at least you think it’s perfection…right?). Now let’s just post that bad boy.

Oh wait, you need a caption.

I hope you’re a poet lovely.

Caption, done.


Yeah there’s only a million times infinity of those out there so have fun choosing 30 that are “relevant”, but not too popular that you get thrown 100+ down the feed line in under 10 seconds.


You did it. You posted your first photo!

Now just sit back and enjoy mama….

Here comes the follow flood.

Any minute now….


Still Waiting,


PS) This is a sarcastic take on some of the very real struggles I have faced on my journey towards being a “Social Media Mommy”. I will soon be doing a follow up post with 5 tips on how to help boost your Instagram account so keep your eyes peeled!

PSS) Oh, and come follow me so I don’t get lonely okay? You can find me on Instagram @honestlymommy

4 thoughts on “So You Want to be a Social Media Mom; Here’s What You need to Know

  1. I loved this. SO much! It is sarcastic, I see that, but it’s also very real. As a mom on Instagram who had mild success, then ran away, it’s a mind-blowing thing. All of it. Also, on the not so sill side of it, it can be painful. Feelings of inadequacy, exclusion, it’s a lot to bare. Great read. And so glad I found ya!

    1. Yes, yes, and yes! I totally understand! I had ZERO success until I made some major changes. I thought people would want to follow my every day life because I was “real” and “honest”….yeah no. Instagram can be a great community, it can also be a hard, exclusive community of impossible standards! Do you still have and Instagram account?

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