So You Want to be a Social Media Mom; 5 Tips and Tricks

So You Want to be a Social Media Mom; 5 Tips and Tricks

I dabbled in the ‘Social Media Mommy’ ring for about 7 months before I realized nothing I was doing was working and started to wonder why. At that point I started researching a bit, found a couple of articles, watched a “live” webinar, and downloaded a few new editing apps. When I started utilizing the tricks that I learned, I started to see a HUGE difference. I went from a floundering 100 (ish) followers, to almost 500 in the span of a week. I know you are thinking “No way!” But it is seriously true! (I am honest remember 😉)

So how did I do it you ask? Well, it took a lot of work.

Here are my top 5 tricks on how to get more followers quickly.

1) Take quality photos. I am not saying you need to go out and buy a point and shoot camera or anything, but I invested in a $10 remote shutter button from amazon, a tripod with a click in point for your phone, and started experimenting with angles and arrangements. People do not want to see another fuzzy, close up selfie. They also do not want to see pictures with a whole bunch of toys littered in the background, so clean your house, arrange those toys in a darling pattern, find a white wall and snap away!

2) If you are fairly new to photo taking, try following some other lovely feeds for inspiration; do not be afraid to try the exact same photos you see everywhere else! I was SO against this at the beginning, I wanted to be new, fresh, original! And I still do. But, I realized all those feeds with 10k+ followers? Yeah, they have them for a reason. Flatlays? They are popular for a reason. I started trying to put my own spin on the same old photos I saw on all the popular pages and started getting good results. Not only did it inspire me to start finding my own ‘angle’ on things, but I definitely started seeing more likes.

3) Learn how to edit. There are thousands of editing tutorials out there. I clicked on the first one I found on Pinterest and went with it. Just read a few, compare notes, and start trying out different styles. I had a certain look I was trying to achieve, so I started playing around with photos (editing the same one over and over again and comparing them afterwards) until I started to see the results I was looking for.

4) Have multiple editing apps! There are tons. Just tons. Each one has its own merits so you may need to mess around with a few until you find your favorite. A common one everyone talks about (and hashtags) is VSCO, personally, it is not my favorite, I have it downloaded but never use it. I love snapseed, that is my new go to. But I also have been using MaxCurve for quite awhile and really like that one, it is definitely a bit advanced and takes some getting used to though. Also, if you are looking for an app that adds classy words to your picture try Canva, simple and easy to use.

5) Research your hashtags. 30 hashtags is the norm, but lately I have been noticing that some people put hashtags in their original post and then also add more in a follow up comment, I have yet to try this because sometimes coming up with 30 is hard enough! Try to find relevant hashtags in your niche. If I am posting something new, I like to take some time to research and write down trending hastags to add to my post so that hopefully it ends up in the right areas. Also, make sure you are using a mix of large and small. I used to use only giant ones with a million or more; do not do that! You can have a few of those really large ones, but unless you are a giant account that gets a large amount of engagement you are going to be buried in seconds. So try to find smaller ones (think 500,000 or less), so you have a chance to be seen and posssibly even make it into “featured” posts.

Okay, so those are my tips. Well not really, I have a bunch more. I thought I would struggle to come up with 5 but once I started writing I kept thinking of all these other great tips I have learned along the way, so keep your eyes peeled for another post with more tips soon!

I hope these helped or will help you in the future, please leave a comment below if you have any questions!

With Love,


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