Real Talk; The One

Let’s just do it. Burst the bubble. Rip the bandaid off. Spoil the surprise ending; you know, just get it over with type stuff.

There is no such thing as “The One”.

There. I said it.

Sheesh. It’s like Santa Claus. Or the Easter Bunny. Better yet it’s probably more like the tooth fairy; or any fairy for that matter. I spent my entire teenage life wishing, hoping, dreaming that fairies existed but did that mean that they did? No.

Same goes for you.

Yeah you.

I see you over there with your mile long list of requirements for “The One”. He can’t have this, he can’t do that, he must this, he has to that…. *shakes head*

If I could I’d do you a real favor and take that list and rip it up. And then throw it away. And then take the trash out back and burn it. And then grind the ashes into dust. And then put the dust in a hideous urn. And then throw the urn into the deepest, darkest, furthest corner of the ocean -get my drift?

I’m serious ladies; “The One” does not exist and the sooner you throw out that impossible list of fairy tale must haves the better.

Now I’m not telling you to lower your standards; actually I hope you do the opposite. What I’m trying to say it he doesn’t exist because no one is perfect. Everyone has their flaws and although in the beginning your rose colored glasses probably hide most of those flaws from your sweet little heart, eventually they’ll rise to the surface. Why do you think our nation is facing a 50% divorce rate? That’s one in two people. That means between you and your best friend someone isn’t getting their happily ever after.

Why? Because we’ve watch too many Friends episodes and read too many Twilight novels.

We set men up for failure right from the beginning because we’re looking for someone who doesn’t exist. Trust me when I say Thor is not going to suddenly come sweep you off your feet, ask you to marry him, respect your physical boundaries until the wedding night, bring you roses and breakfast in bed every day for the rest of your life, never burp, fart, or smell, sing perfectly on key, love everything you love, gaze deep into your eyes, kiss you until you head spins, always say the right thing, never argue with you, always take your side, and know the answer to the question ‘does this make my butt look fat?’. (And if he does, grab him and run!)

What I’m trying to say is that men, like women, are real. They eat, sleep, breath, poop. Ha.

And you will never find “The One” until you stop holding that poor man to an impossible standard. He is out there. But he doesn’t become The One until you walk down the isle and say I do. Actually, just about every guy has the makings of being The One if you’d just give them the chance. All a man needs is a woman who looks up at him adoringly and respects him completely; that’s what makes him The One. If you love him well a man will thrive. He’ll become The One that you’ve always been looking for; even if he doesn’t smell as good as you imagined he would.

So stop wasting your time waiting around for “The One”, the real One may be standing right in front of you wrapped in the camouflage package of your everyday, average Joe.

With Love,


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  1. Excellent post, exactly where I was thinking it would go. I believe in having high standards and choosing a person that fits well with your life, but there is no such thing as perfect and there is no real fairytale, no matter how much people try to pretend their life is perfect on social media. 💕💕💕

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