Why You’re Worth Getting Paid to Post on Instagram

Why You’re Worth Getting Paid to Post on Instagram

Why should you get paid to post on Instagram?

The power of word of mouth advertising.

I’m on a journey to understand better the world of social media and how little people like you and I can get paid to post on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. I would be honored to have you along with me on this journey.

So here’s where I’m at; I’m a stay at home mom, I have no time, and our budget is tight. I have tried many different ways to make a little extra income, but haven’t found anything that is really sustainable long-term and doesn’t encroach on my family life. That’s when I discovered Social Media Motherhood.
I saw all these mommies on Instagram partnering with companies, receiving free product, and I heard rumors some were actually getting paid to post; whoa what!? I totally wanted in but didn’t know how to go about it. First things first, I knew I needed to set up an Instagram account, okay, easy, now came the hard part; gaining followers and sponsors.

I quickly was contacted by many “lifestyle” coaches and fitness moms because they liked my positive vibe and thought I would do well in their companies, and I have no doubt I would, here’s the catch; I don’t want to push a product or a diet program. Not because I think they’re bad, but because a lot of time I feel that they play on people’s insecurities rather than their strengths. My goal in starting this journey was to help enable people to live their best life now (no buy-ins or products necessary) and hopefully make a little extra income for my family too.

I don’t believe you need anything more than your own personality and a camera, be it iPhone or professional, to make a go at making money on Instagram. Everyone has a unique take on life, an interesting back story, and their own quirky personality that will resonate with different people. And with over 700 million active monthly users on Instagram, I think there are more than enough followers to go around.

That’s why I believe you should start your own Instagram account and get going now! If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you want to get into this whole social media world, just do it! Make the leap, I think you may be surprised at the community and support you find. Plus, at this point I think it’s safe to say that the social media world isn’t going away any time soon.

If you’re new to Instagram, take a little time to grow your following and establish a good base; working on having a cohesive feed and quality photos can help you grow quickly. Then, when you think you are ready, try reaching out to a few companies you’d like to partner with or say yes to companies who may be already contacting you. The key is to wait until you feel like you’re ready and have a fan base that is connecting well with you. (If you’d like to learn more about getting sponsors and partnering with companies, you can read my blog post 7 Tips to Get More Sponsors.)

Why You're Worth Getting Paid to Post on Instagram and Shouldn't Sell Yourself Short! - heyhonestlymommy.com

If you’ve been around awhile and are ready to dive into the world of social media marketing, consider reaching out to a few companies, but even if you’re a newbie, don’t sell yourself short! Right off the bat when companies started reaching out to me I was flattered and because I wasn’t sure when the flood of offers would stop I said yes to everyone. That, friend, was a mistake.I never once asked to be paid to post and unknowingly did a lot of free advertising.

I ended up feeling fairly overwhelmed with the amount of collaborations I had to photograph in May and stressed to get them all squeezed in. It left me burnt out, and there is a small portion of my feed that reflects that; I stopped caring what I posted and it got messy. Now don’t get me wrong, I still worked hard to make sure I posted nice photos and promoted products well, but in my rush to also be posting original content, I got sloppy and moved away from the normal look and feel of my feed. When I scroll down and see those few blocks in my feed I cringe a little as they just don’t represent me well, but, they serve as an excellent reminder to myself of what not to do! Ha!

Also it’s helpful to remember that as much as the companies are doing you a favor, you are doing them a favor too. Word of mouth advertising is the most powerful marketing there is. I’m sorry, but when J-Lo gets on TV and pitches makeup to me I’m like ‘Whatever, she got paid to say that’. But when one of my blogger friends writes a post about her melt proof summer makeup routine, I am much more likely to buy the products she mentions in her post; why? Because she has my trust. (And yes, yes this is an actual real-to-life example lol)

So when companies start reaching out to you, don’t forget to take a moment and breathe, I think that was my big mistake. I got so excited with each new email I just kept typing ‘yes!’ in reply before I really ever even thought it through. Plus sometimes companies ask way too much in exchange for their products and I think they take advantage of the Influencers they’re working with because we don’t know any different; most people have no idea they can and probably should ask to be paid to post. So don’t be afraid to bargain and barter with people, be fair, and be willing to be flexible, but don’t sell yourself short!

And remember, payment can come in many forms, cash is not the only option. I have worked with many awesome companies and only received goods as compensation. Even though I am working towards getting paid to post ever time, I will still working with consider companies with a  socially conscious message or who don’t have a large marketing budget.

But in my opinion, you should never have to pay for the product you’re promoting! The company is getting an amazing word of mouth reference and free advertising from you, it just doesn’t seem fair to me that they also ask you to pay for it; that basically just means you’re paying them to advertise for their company…Yeah, that doesn’t make sense at all.

If you are smaller and just starting out on your journey, you may have to do more trades than cash deals at the beginning just to get your foot in the door, but trust me when I say that goods are a form of revenue that adds up! I received over $1,500 in product in 3 months and it helped boot my shopping addiction out the door so I saved money by not going shopping and still got cute stuff for me and my kids! Win-win in my opinion!

Why You're Worth Getting Paid to Post on Instagram and Shouldn't Sell Yourself Short! - heyhonestlymommy.com

In essence, you are worth being paid to post because you are have a unique connection with your followers and have earned their trust; any advertising you do will hold much more weight than that of commercial ads.

Think of it this way.

You’re in Target with your screaming children, thinking how badly you need a coffee and you bump into a friend.

“Hey!” She says.

“Hey…” You reply. Small talk ensues. You mention coffee and she perks up.

“Oh my gosh have you tried the new place on 2nd?”

“No, I was thinking of just hitting Starbucks on the way out of Target.” You wrangle one kid back into the shopping cart and look longingly towards the green goddess.

“Oh no, seriously, you need to try the new coffee-house on 2nd! It is so good! Did you know that they roast their own beans and make their own caramel!? Their caramel lattes are out of this world! They have a drive through, so just throw your kids in the car and snag a piece of heaven on your way home.”


As you head towards the check outline you’ve already rerouted the GPS in your head and are on your way to the new coffee shop on 2nd. Why? Because that’s the power of word of mouth advertising.

Don’t even pretend that it’s not true friend! You know as well as I do that you would take the extra steps and even go out of your way to go somewhere or buy a product if a friend gives you a glowing review. That is the power of word of mouth advertising and trust.

And that is why you’re worth getting paid to post on social media.

So next time someone comes knocking at your door, be sure to take a step back, breathe, do a little research, and if it’s a company you would like to work with go ahead and open the lines of communication but don’t sell yourself short!

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With Love,


PS) A lot of the companies I work with are mom and pop shops that were started right here in the US and I take pride in helping represent them and bring recognition to their brand. That is why although I am working to bring in a profit for my family, I am also never trying to screw over the brands that I work with. I want our partnership to be beneficial to both of us so I selected priced that I feel best represent that.

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