Mom Life; Low Patience Days

Oh man. Mom life is hard. I used to pray for patience and think I was doing pretty well. I could be patient with the customer service people who hardly spoke English and yet we’re trying to help me through a extremely complicated issue with my phone. I could be patient with my husband even though he just threw his disgustingly dirty underwear two inches to the right of the hamper for the hundredth time. I could be patient with the Starbucks barista who just screwed up my five dollar drink –again. I could even be patient with that idiot driver in front of me who is talking on her cell phone, applying lipstick, eating a burrito, and totally just missed the green light. Yep, super patient. I’m like St. Bona-Patient over here. Or so I thought. 

And then I had a baby and he grew up. It was then that I realized that my “patience” was all but none existent. 

It’s funny how when the answer to your prayer is right in front of you its sure not what you were thinking. When I prayed “Lord, please help me be more patient.” I was thinking just, you know, supernaturally download some extra patience so I’m one of those people who smile all the time and say ‘oh, it’s okay’, when it’s really not. I didn’t expect patience to come in the form of a 7lb 13oz squalling baby boy.

And oh how my patience is tested.

We had a long day yesterday celebrating Memorial Day with the fam, so of course we’re all a little tired today. Of course when I get up and get moving this morning I realize that my house is a disaster zone (then again, when is that unusual?). So I decided it’d be a smart idea to get my two year old to help me clean his room, yeah, as if.

We entered into a 45 minute battle of wills; bring on the tears, temper tantrums and blubbering. As I’m reprimanding Big Z for the millionth time and trying not to loose the small amount of sanity I have left I realized this moment may be the answer to my prayers for patience. Is this how God helps give tired, worn-out mommies moe patience?

When the episode finally concluded (and I won btw), I snuggled with my son for a moment, kissed his little cheeks and thanked God for giving me the patience in that moment to deal with the issue at hand.

When I prayed for patience I didn’t suddenly have exponential amounts, but I did have more daily chances to exercise patience and have the right attitude while doing it.

Like I said, mom life is hard, but with a little dose of the right perspective it gets a little easier and a little brighter.

Today I am thankful for my every-growing virtue of patience.

No if only my lunch would hurry up and cook!


With Love, 


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