Mom Life; Fashionista

Currently my favorite shirt more closely resembles a tye-dye project gone wrong. Mottled gray and white on black; fantastic.

I used to be a fashionista; these days I’m lucky if I find a clean t-shirt to wear. I’ve been wearing my favorite t-shirt (black with the words Honest. on it) for two days now. They’ve been two hard days. Little C has been unusually fussy and seems to be having some sort of acid reflux issue or something.

Translation? Spit up. Everywhere.

I got my hair cut the other day and freshly dyed it just this morning, so of course I’m like; “Photoshoot!” I haven’t posted a selfie on my Instagram account in like f-o-r-e-v-e-r, it’s been babies, babies, babies. So with the excuse of a fresh cut and color on my side of course I’m going to post a nice selfie so all my friends can tell me how fabulous I look. (Don’t judge me.)

And then real life hit.

Had to make an unexpected grocery run today. It’s been raining so I’m stuck indoors with a rambunctious two year old. I decided to do arts and crafts to distract him (bad idea). Then I had to give him a bath to clean him up. All this with a fussy, I-never-want-to-be-put-down baby, and yeah, that basically shot my idea into the dust.

But did I let it go? Nope. Instead I forged ahead, did my hair, applied more makeup than I have since the birth of Little C, and took the blasted photos; it only took me a little over three hours to do it too. Success.

Just please ignore my grubby t-shirt and all will be fine.

I have reentered the world of fashionable mamas.

From the collar up anyways.

With Love,


*PostScript: So originally I was going to write this post to introduce my new Instagram page, but alas, as I began to write, and the sarcastic whims of humor overtook me, and I didn’t leave myself an opening. So I’m adding it here. If you would like to follow the honest happenings of my everyday life, join me on Insagram @HonestlyMommy -Thanks!

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