Meet Little C

I have always dreamed of having a little girl; of curly pigtails, tutu’s, teaparties, and frothy light pink dresses.

Now I have one and she is literally a dream come true.

I don’t know much about her yet as she’s only been a part of my life for a little over 7 weeks, but she is perfect.

Bright blue eyes. Dainty nose. Plush cheeks. Rosebud pink lips. Downy red hair. Absolutely perfect.

I wake up next to her and can hardly believe she’s mine. I pick up this bundle of soft, doughy, baby chub, inhale her scent and giggle with giddiness (no seriously I do), she makes me so happy.

I am in love with her sweetness and the wonder of being her mom. I’m really not an overly sappy mommy most of the time, but sometimes I am just struck by my own good luck. I have the sweetest babies and I love being a mom.

Little Cici has just gotten to the point where she smiles when she sees me. I love watching her little eyes light up and her mouth open in the biggest, gummy grin she can manage. When she smiles she looks like and emoji. Her eyes turn into little half moons; it make me laugh every time.

She loves to coo and is just finding her voice, although I think she stills startles herself sometimes, she’ll make a noise and then jump and look around for the source.

Isn’t it amazing the treasure that is placed in our hands as mothers? I can hardly believe that this little life is mine to shape and mature for the next few years. I’ll watch her grow and someday she’ll become her own person; her personality will blossom, she’ll make her own choices, write her own story. Sometimes the weight of it hits me square in the chest and I’m almost overwhelmed by the thought of all the responsibility that has been placed on my shoulders as her mother, then I look at her angelic sleeping face, watch her breath easily in her sleep, and know it’ll be okay. We’ll get through it together, take it one step at a time, one drama at a time, one prayer for strength at a time.

I am so grateful for the two little lives that have been entrusted to me, oh Lordy, help me to be the mommy they need.

Sweet dreams Little C, sweet dreams.



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