Media Kit for Social Media Influencers

Media Kit for Social Media Influencers

How to Make a FREE Media Kit

Making a nice media kit can help you look more professional as an Instagram influencer, it also is a great place to start if you’re hoping to reach out to new companies for partnership. If you don’t know how to make one, you’ve come to the right place!

Make a stellar media kit for FREE using Canva and a few tips from a fellow social media influencer. Don't know what to include? I've got you covered. -

If you’ve been part of the Social Media Motherhood club for long (ha ha, just kidding, there is no club), then you may have worked with a few sponsors and possibly have even been asked for your media kit -but what the heck is that?

Basically a media kit is a 1-2 page PDF that is like a mini resume with lots of pretty pictures. Large companies and brands often put together media kits to help explain their objective in partnering with you, so it makes sense that you have one to send in return.

Think of this as your interview with a company. Since we’re living in an online world, face to face is rare, but that’s usually what “sells” a person, ya know? So when it comes to selling yourself over social media you’ll want a stellar media kit to help represent you.

The basic components of a media kit are a cover page and a partner page.

On your cover page you want to have your brand name (if applicable), a small paragraph or introduction, and possibly some of your stats like your Instagram follower count, your blog following, Twitter, etc. Try to make this a little snap shot of the style and personality of your account also.

Your partner page should include your packages and rates. Make sure that your media kit includes a few different “packages” or ways that companies can partner with you and highlights your going rate. Lay it out in plain numbers and don’t make any guess work for them. Remember, businesses have no problem pitching their price to you, so if you’re considering this a business you should be able to set some solid rates.

If you’re not sure what to charge, try typing your stats in Social Blue Book; it’s like Kelly Blue Book but for Influencers. I personally feel that SBB sets pretty high prices, but it at least gives you a ball park estimate. You can also try networking with some influencer friends, ask them their rates, or even what they would feel is fair for you to charge.

Most people will tell you that $100 for every one thousands followers is basically the current rates; or at least that’s what  a couple little birdies told me.

Really as far as rates go, just make sure it’s worth your time! Consider everything that goes into a post; photo shoot, caption writing, posting, engaging, etc and decide what you feel like makes all your effort worth it. I want to be fair to companies, but I also need to be fair to myself and guard my time with my family.

Also, don’t know what should go in a “package”? That’s okay, I didn’t either. Let’s lay it out.

I have a Instagram Package, Instagram Plus Package, and a Blog Feature package that all basically build on one another.

Obviously the Instagram package is the cheapest and most “basic”. I offer one dedicated post (meaning they’re not sharing space with other brands and the caption is about their product) and 1-3 Instagram stories of me opening the products or sharing info about the products.

My Instagram Plus Package includes all of the above and one additional dedicated photo spaced roughly a week later.

The Blog Feature Package contains everything and a blog post with an additional 3-5 lifestyle photos to go with it.

As far as marketing goes, I make the Instagram Plus Package a little cheaper then if you were to buy two of the basic packages. So if you want $35 dollars for you basic package, consider charging $60 for the next step up. Make sense?

You can also consider offering al a carte options, like a short video, the ability to “purchase” the photos you’ve taken, a 24 hour shout out rate, etc. Add whatever you want to your packages to help them feel original to you!

Lastly, how do we put this all together? Easy friend!

I use Canva to create a free media kit because they already have a few designs laid out and all you need to do it upload you photos and change the colors to fit your brand, easy peasy!

You are likely going to have to use the Canva program on a computer as I can’t find the media kit creation area on the app on my phone (I think it’s because it’d be just too little!).

Oh, and major tip right here, if you haven’t downloaded the Canva App yet you’d better get on it! Want to know how people make those lovely graphics all the time? Canva. How do I make the covers for each post on this blog? Canva.

And the best part is it’s totally free! There are things you can purchase but I have been using all the free amenities for about 6 months now and still love it!

Now go have fun making your professional looking media kit and making money on Instagram because yes, that really is possible! Don’t believe me? You can read my income report so you know I’m telling the truth!

Lastly, if this advice was helpful, don’t forget to hit the pin button on your way out because sharing is caring! And if you’re looking for more tips to help get your started, sign up for my news letter to receive my FREE resource guide with over 20 apps and websites that will help you get started making money now! (Woo-hoo!)

See you in the squares!


PS) If you’re interested in buying your own unique media kit layout, try checking out Etsy where you can search already made media kits and purchase one that you like!

Make a stellar media kit for FREE using Canva and a few tips from a fellow social media influencer. Don't know what to include? I've got you covered. -

Make a stellar media kit for FREE using Canva and a few tips from a fellow social media influencer. Don't know what to include? I've got you covered. -

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