Unapologetically Me

A new year is always about fresh resolutions, fresh perspective, and new beginnings. I am not really one for “resolutions” and all that, but I am grateful that there are new mercies every day and that each year is a chance to start fresh.

I think the thing I am focusing on the most this year is being unapologetically me.

I have hit a few rough patches recently, whether in my own mind or because of something someone said to me, I have doubted, hated, condemned, or hid the real me.

Sometimes I do not want to be me. Sometimes I want to fit in, go with the masses, be popular with everyone for everything. That is not reality.

Reality is I am me. I can not change that.

I can not change my past, my present, or my future; all of which inexplicably shape who I am in this moment.

I can not change my heart, spirit, or soul. I believe that people rarely if ever really change during our lifetime. Most of the emotional expressions and thought patterns that are formed in us as children will stay with us through adulthood. Although we grow, and change in some sense, I think the core of who we were born as will always be there.

So here I am in 2017. Just me. And that is not going to change.

So….. so.

I will learn to love me. I will learn to embrace the crazy quirks that are me. I will not fight the creature that God saw fit to create. I will exist as my self and no one else.

Here is to 2017, I am hoping it is a year of self discovery, self worth, and self love.

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