Love Story; The Wrap Up

(This is the conclusion -sort of- of my personal love story, if you haven’t read the parts that led up to this please scroll down and read them so you’re up to date and not completely lost.)

So there we were, young, in love, and positive we wanted to get married -NOW.

When you’re 17, still in school, and somewhat estranged from your parents there is no easy path down the aisle.

My life took a very abrupt turn at that point, I went from very withdrawn and moody, avoiding my friends and family, to being cheerful, actively involved in relationship, and talking to my parents again. To say my parents were thrilled with this development was an understatement. My mom always said he was already her son so it wasn’t hard at all to welcome him into our family. That didn’t necessarily make the idea of allowing your teenager to get married any easier.

We talked, and talked, and talked.

My mom wasn’t sure if I was ready. She wanted me to go to a Christian music school to develop my voice more, I wanted to get married immediately, dad mainly stayed out of it.

There were lots of deep heart to heart conversations and a lot of prayer. I was feeling very broken that my parents wouldn’t support my decision to get married and after one particularly moving time with the Lord I knew that I needed to submit to my parent’s as my authority and put aside my dream for a time.

I remember going to my mother’s room, standing outside the closed door with my hand on the doorknob trembling, I was already sobbing before I ever made it inside the door. My mom looked up from her Bible surprised and asked me what was wrong. 

“I want to honor you as my parents,” I choked out, “I’ll go to school first.”

Tears welled up in my mom’s eyes as she looked at me in amazement.

“You’re never going to believe this, but when I was praying today I felt God tell me to release you to get married, it’s your season.” We both cried together, laughing, and smiling. I felt my heart soar knowing that my mom was on my side.

“So, what do we do now?” I asked.

“Let’s go talk to your dad.” Mom brought dad in and we all sat on their bed together. “Tell him.” Mom encouraged.

“Dad, I want to get married this summer.” I said hesitantly. I starred out the window contemplating my words, he knew they were coming, but would he support me in my decision? We waited in tense silence.

“Well,” He said at last, “Let’s plan a wedding.” I squealed and hugged him. Bursting with excitement I ran to call him.

I never knew how hard my early marriage was on my parents. It wasn’t until many years later that I learned that they took a lot of flack for me. There were many people on either side who didn’t agree with us getting married so young.

The ring came on a cold winter day at the end of December. He came home two days after Christmas and showed up on my door step. I ran out to meet him and threw myself into his arms. It’d been almost six months since we’d last seen each other. I breathed in his scent and kissed the side of his neck gently. Warm fingers entwined he took me to a charming coffee shop overlooking a partially frozen waterfall in a near by town.

“Let’s go down to the falls.” He said.

“What!?” I looked down at my ballet flats and contemplated the long track down 6 flights of stairs in the snow to the base of the waterfall. I shrugged, “Okay.”

We slipped and slid our way down the stairs, the only two sets of footprints. 

The sound of rushing water roared in my ears. The waterfall was half frozen and the mix of ice and running water was breathtaking.

He coughed, I smiled. We both looked away.

“I,” My eyes flicked to his and we both stood there for a moment before he grabbed both of my hands and dropped to one knee in the snow. “I love you, you are my everything, my other half, and I never want to be without you. Will you marry me?”

I knew it was coming the whole time, and yet it was so special all the same. He slipped the icy circle onto my finger as I fought against the raging emotions inside me. Was a simple yes really enough? When your heart has wanted something for so long, and reality has finally seen fit to catch up, it’s like everything slow down and speeds up at the same time. 

Reality crashing with hope and dreams and the future colliding with the past; my heart could hardly take it.

And then we were married. In a plush backyard wedding that you can read about here.

The wait was excruciating and we almost eloped, but I’m glad we held out for the big day, it was everything I’d ever dreamed of.

Still in Love,


PS) Ironically my husband and I ended up at the ministry school that my mom had wanted me to go to before I got married. She said it was God blessing her with a “two-for-one” deal, but that excursion is a whole other story 😉

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