Love Story; How It All Began

Once upon a time there was a shy, mousy little homeschooler with copper hair, bushy eyebrows, and no sense of style. She didn’t know her own value and often got run over by her louder, prettier, and more out going older sister.

On one particularly sunny day, a call came through. A family friend wanted to introduce her grandson to some “nice Christian girls”, so over we went, on the back of a red four wheeler to the neighbors house down the street to make a new friend. The pair of girls had no idea what they were about to walk into, and I had no idea how my life was about to change forever.

I still remember the first moment I saw him. We loped down the hill into the back yard and there he was.

Young, tanned, toned, and sporting a thick head of brown hair with 90’s style frosted tips; he was a babe.

I instantly felt myself shrink into my own skin, trying to hide the best I could behind my bushy eyebrows. My sister, always the bell of the ball, instantly called out a greeting. He turned and we locked eyes, I looked away.

Introductions were made and I quickly found myself seated in a circle with him and my sister, making small talk and getting to know one another. Who am I kidding? He and my sister were getting to know one another, and I was sitting there in silence, smiling occasionally without showing my teeth.

Then it came, the moment I always dreaded in every conversation, he asked me a question.

The world stopped moving for a second, I’m pretty sure everything slowed down as time ticked by and I remained silent. Panic stricken, fear tighening my chest. I was supposed to say something; something intelligent, oh Lord help me.

And then she jumped in for me, like she always did, and I felt myself fade into the background again.

Only this time was different.

“Oh yeah, that’s cool.” He said casually, throwing my sister his darling lopsided smile. Then he paused, planted his elbows in his knees and locked his green eyes with mine, he put his chin in one hand and leaned towards me. “But I want to hear what she has to say.”

It was all over. My poor little 12 year old heart never stood a chance against his dreamy green eyes, *NSYNC-seque hair, and genuine warmth; I was head over heels in love from day one.

I remember going home (late) that night after spending hours talking, laughing, and engaging in general teenage shenanigans (no, no, there was no kissing or flirting, I didn’t know how to do either of those things at that point), and laying in my sister’s bed that night talking for hours about our day. 

He was so sweet, we both agreed. He was so much fun, yes that was true. And we should totally invite him to youth group with us. My sister quickly decided that he was going to be our new “brother”, since we were supposed to be good “Christian” influences on him and all, and obviously we didn’t want any weird emotions to get in the way, yes, yes of course, I agreed out loud; but my head and heart rebelled. 

And that’s how it started. 12 years old, much to young to know what real love was, but laying in the darkness, starring up at the ceiling and reliving that moment over and over again in my head I thought I did; he noticed me.

In All Truth and Sincerity,


PS) Yes, this is my personal love story and yes, it really is based on actual events. I have over 10 years of diary entries that are proof that this story is 100% genuine. I hope that you enjoy my retelling of it as much as I enjoyed living it.

9 thoughts on “Love Story; How It All Began

  1. You really have engaged me! I can’t wait to read more. Just like the other girls, you are an amazing writer and I hope you do write a book, I want to read it. I’m not much on reading but I love reading your blog! Amazing! ❀

  2. Seriously you are a great writer!! Such a sweet beginning. I want to know more! 😊 Maybe you should write a novel. πŸ‘πŸ»

  3. Oh Steph! My heart I felt like I was there or watching it happen you’re such an incredible writer you really know how to pull people in. This love story is so special thank you for sharing and letting me in on a piece of your life!

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