Introducing My Husband

I fell in love with my husband the day we met.

I was 13, hadn’t grown into my hips, painfully introverted, awkward, and shy; yep, I was every 14-year-old boy’s dream girl I’m sure. He on the other hand was gorgeous. I remember the moment I saw him; he was in the backyard with his cousins who were swimming in the pool. He was standing on the edge, shirtless, and turned just as we rounded the corner. I remember locking eyes with him and swooning on the inside. He had the cheekiest grin you’d ever seen, my crush started at the moment, but head-over-heels love came shortly after.

He had gone away to a Christian summer camp that year, and when he came back his grandma decided he needed “good-Christian-friends”; enter the B sisters. I guess being homeschool automatically fits the bill of “good-Christian-friends” so there we were, sitting across for this super¬†cute guy engaging in small talk. Well, I wasn’t talking, my sister was. She was very talkative, outgoing, and confident; literally my polar opposite at the time. During that stage in my life I really didn’t talk much at all, and especially not to strangers, so my sister had gotten into the habit of talking for me.

“So, Stephanie,” Jeremy turned and looked at me, “What about you? Tell me about yourself.”

I froze under the intensity of his green eyes, my heart hammering in my chest. My mind was completely blank and I had no idea what to say. I honestly don’t think I ever even attempted to open my mouth before, much to my relief, my sister jumped in to start answering for me.

“No,” Jeremy turned up the corner of his mouth in the cutest smile, leaned his elbows on his knees, and rested his chin in his hands; “I want to hear what she has to say.”

I think my little 13-year-old heart literally melted out of my chest in that moment and pooled on the ground at his feet. I felt so important and special I was in love from that moment on; or at least as much “in love” as a 13-year-old emotional teen girl can be.

My husband has continued to be my champion since the day we met. He always stands up for me, protects me, and encourages me to use my voice. He puts up with (and even supports) all my crazy craft projects and appreciates my love of the arts. He still surprises me with kind and romantic gestures and is a wonderful father to our children. He is extremely hard working and never does any job half assed. He’s honest, integral, and once he sets his mind to something it will happen; trust me on that one.

Jeremy is described by everyone who knows him as intense; he’s an all or nothing sort of guy. He has a tendency to be a little bit too intense when he addressing people sometimes, which is something we’re working on. If you don’t know him well he may come across as stern or harsh, but if you know his personality you’d know it’s just the lion in him letting out a roar or two. He is extremely driven when he wants to be, but one of the worst procrastinators the rest of the time.

He’s also one of the most frustratingly optimistic people ever. Ugh. I on the other hand am a pessimist. My mother nailed it on the head when during the first few weeks of our acquaintance she observed our opposite personalities and said; “Steph, someone like Jeremy would make you a really good husband someday.” I took note; obviously.

Life with Jeremy isn’t perfect; we fight, give each other the silent treatment, yell, irritate, pick at each other’s flaws, and are far too harsh with each other sometimes, but I married The One and that’s all there is to it. Really, when you strip away all the romance, false expectations, and hype, I married my best friend; and honest to goodness I still really love him. Sometimes I look at him when he isn’t paying attention and get lost in the dreaminess of who I married; now those moments are few and far between mind you, but they do happen, and in the everyday monotony of life I am ever so glad that I married someone who makes me laugh and is –usually-¬†easy to do life with.

Here’s to 100 more years of happily ever after,


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