Introducing Big Z

Now here’s one that I could write a blog about, no, not just a blog post, I mean an entire blog devoted only to him.

My son, Zeke, is a world of passion, theatrics, love, energy, character, and stubbornness all wrapped into the pint sized package of a two year and four month old little boy.

In short, he’s fantastic.

#1) He’s one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen; and I’m not just saying that because I’m biased (which I totally am). People have literally been telling me that since the day he was born. No really. Random people come up and tell me I “make good product” (true story!). Yep, he’s a doll baby. Big blue eyes. Plush lashes. Button nose. The sweetest little grin you ever did see…He is going to be dreamy when he gets older so parents, lock up your daughters!

#2) How can someone so tiny have so much personality? Already he could give Penn and Teller a run for their money. He’s big drama and total sweetness. If he likes you, you’ll know it right away, if not, sorry, cause you’re missing out.

#3) He sometimes puts inflections on his words that makes him sound like a tiny British person.

#4) Z is stubborn to boot. When he gets in trouble and needs to say sorry he will look anywhere but in your eyes. We entered a battle of the wills the other day that lasted 45 minutes simply because he wouldn’t pick up one block like I asked him to. (PS. I won that battle btw.)

#5) Underneath a lot of the naughty exterior, he is the sweetest little boy. He is gentle, sensitive, and compassionate. HE gives me kisses without me asking for them. He tells me my hair looks nice out of the blue. He adores his little sister and he l-o-v-e-s to cuddle.

#6) He’s a stink’in picky eater; but we’re working on it.

#7) He’s pretty much a fish. He loves the water and swimming seems to come very natural to him. He’d swim for hours if I let him.

#8) Zeke loves pretty girls. He does. At 6 months old he used to lean out of his stroller to watch girls walk past us. And of course girls are absolutely charmed by him. Although he’s a little shyer now days, he still can turn on the charm and make the ladies swoon.

#9) Z is 100% boy. Planes, trains, and automobiles; there is nothing that makes that boy happier. The first time he actually “played” with something as a baby he took the remote and pushed it along the floor like a car; no one ever showed him how to do that, so how did he know? His first word? Car. Yep. Car. Not Mama, not Dada, car.

#10) He is so smart! He was counting to 20 and singing the ABC’s before he turned two; and the best part is we didn’t teach him how to do either! We helped him along when we realized he was learning them on his own, but he just picked them up and started learning all by himself. He knows tons of colors, shapes, animals, and big words. He uses words like microwave and excavator and talks in complete sentences; seriously, so smart.

I never really dreamed about having little boys, I always dreamed more about what I would do with my daughters; but this little guy has had my heart since the day he dropped into this world at 7lbs 13oz. He has been our bright spot ever since and continues to surpirse us and make us laugh at every turn.

Gosh, just writing about him makes me want to go kiss him all over his sweet little face; too bad he’s sleeping or I would! Oh well, guess I’ll just have to tomorrow 😉



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