Instagram Culture; Social Media Karma and You

Instagram Culture; Social Media Karma and You

Social Media Karma and How it Effects YOU

What’s the one part of motherhood, your family life, Instagram culture, etc that you don’t like and would like to see change? What small steps are you taking to see that change  happen? Don’t just talk about change; BE the change daily.
Social Media Karma and how it effects YOU! Have you ever noticed something about Instagram culture that bugs you? Yeah, me too. Which is why I'm constantly working to pay it forward and be the change that I want to see. Nothing is going to change if we don't take action. -

There are certain things about the Instagram culture that have always bothered me; namely the lack of sharing tips and information that might help others succeed. Everyone seems to hold their cards case to their chest in an effort to get ahead. Well early on I decided I wanted to be counter to the Instagram culture that I saw and create and atmosphere of openness; sharing all that I could about my journey in hopes of helping others.

I don’t believe in karma. But, I do believe in the Bible which basically is where the modern idea of karma comes from. Ever heard of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”? Or “You’ll reap what you sow?” Yep, basically karma just in New King James. I have operated under this pretense my entire life and have found that social media is no different; what you give is what you get.

I see bloggers, Influencers, and companies every day who put their photo or product out there and expect a huge fanfare and instant popularity and are disappointed when they hear crickets instead; I mean I was definitely one of them at one time. Social media has this way of giving us a false sense of accomplishment or acceptance. Sometimes I think we just have a hard time seeing beyond our own awesomeness.

How This Effects Your Social Media Presence

I cannot tell you how many potential sponsors contact me and come across with a snobby attitude. I get frustrated when I feel like a company is talking down to me and trying to tell me how much my audience needs them. Those potential partnerships get shut down very quickly. Pride and an inflated sense of self worth just ain’t going to get your far in the social media world.

But when a potential partner reaches out to me with an attitude of “how can we work together?”, I’m more than happy to listen to what they have to say. In the same way when I meet humble and down to earth mamas I instantly feel connected to them. But let me tell you, there are some divas in disguise out there too; as I’m sure you already know!

When approaching the world of Social Media Motherhood don’t come at it with a “what do you have to offer me?” attitude, but rather a “what can I offer you.” I’ve noticed that the more I give, the more I receive. The attitude that I put out there definitely comes back to me.

I recently read an article by Tim Denning that put it this way; “Your audience follows you because they want value. They want to learn from what you did but they do not want to build up your ego. Your audience doesn’t want to fuel your own selfish desires. Instagram and social media work when it’s real and authentic. The trouble is that too many of you are using it to show your life off which is fake.”

Yikes. Definitely strong, but true words.

Putting It Into Practice

There are many easy ways to pay it forward in the Instagram culture. You can give random shoutouts, share someone’s post in your stories, give inspirational credit to a mama in your caption, share blog posts, etc. I mean the list goes on and on. And it’s all little things. It’s not like I’m asking each of us to dedicate our accounts to another person, I’m just saying do what you can!

If something inspires you; share it! Read a blog post that hit home? Share it! Saw a picture that made you laugh? Share it!

It’s so, so simple and yet rarely done.

If you are have a “large” or even a decent following on Instagram, don’t look down on the “small” mama accounts who ask you to do a Follow Friday, instead think of their small, engaged audience as a chance to gain some new stalwart followers.

Don’t wait for someone to reach out to you to arrange a shoutout, share their account because you enjoy it; not necessarily because you’re looking to get something in return. Although I’m all about opportunities being mutually beneficial, sometimes you’ve just got to practice paying it forward!

Man, what am I trying to say here? Well, in short I’m saying be the change. Don’t be afraid to be counter to the Instagram culture (or the world for that matter!). Change starts with each and every one of us. Sounds silly, but really it’s true.

Is social media karma a real thing? Eh, I don’t know. But it never hurts to be kind!

So go ahead, don’t be afraid, share, give, LOVE!


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