Income Report for Social Media Marketing: July 2017

Income Report for Social Media Marketing: July 2017

July Income Report 2017

How I’m making money on social media as a stay at home mom

Well, here we are, another month, another pay check, right? Ha ha I wish, it’s definitely not that easy, but I feel like now that I’ve gotten some experience under my belt more and more opportunities are opening up to me all the time and it’s really exciting! I love what I’m doing as a Social Media Mom but it isn’t always easy. Earlier this month I wrote and article titled An Expose On Social Media Motherhood, if you’re considering getting into this as a “career” please read that post first as I feel it helps put today’s article into better context. I am writing this monthly income report as a way to hold my self accountable to my goals and also as inspiration to other stay at home moms out there; you can do this too!

Merchandise and Income Report for July, 2017:

Merchandise Income:

-Sponsor 1 – $189.60

-Sponsor 2 – $65.00

-Sponsor 3 – $47.47

-Sponsor 4 – $36.00

-Sponsor 5 – $29.95

-Sponsor 6 – $110.00

-Sponsor 7 – $36.99

-Sponsor 8 – $49.95

-Sponsor 9 – $46.50


-Misc $60

Merchandise Total – $721.46

Cash Income:

Full Bottle Campaign – $70.30

Private Partnership 1 – $100

Private Partnership 2 – $50

App Consultation – $220.00

Amazon Affiliate – $3.88

Cash Total – $444.18

Total Income for June – $1,185.64


Not bad, not bad if I do say so myself! Obviously the app consulting was a huge part of my check this month, but I would never have found that opportunity without being connected on all the social media platforms that I am. It was a fun little partnership and although it only lasted a few weeks it was fun to get in on the ground floor of an app’s development! (If you’re interested in learning more about the platforms that I’m involved in as an influencer to help find opportunities like this one, make sure to sign up for my news letter and you’ll be sent instant access to my list of over 20 app and sites that you can sign up with to help you start making money right now and make more connections!)

I feel like I was definitely a little pickier in July and didn’t take everything that was offered to me; actually I turned away probably almost 3/4 of collaboration requests this past month mainly because my schedule was getting so overwhelmed with collaborations I had to say no. But I enjoyed all the partnerships that I did make this month.

I also did my first campaign with Full Bottle which was a pay per like campaign, it went alright but because the person I was in communication with didn’t set the dates on the right start day, a whole day got removed from my over all time frame which was kind of frustrating to me. Oh well, what’cha gunna do about it?

All in all at was a good month and I feel good about what I accomplished as an influencer. I’m learning not to sell myself short and that I am definitely Worth Being Paid to Post on Instagram because of all the hard work that goes into each post. I am looking forward to starting new partnerships and seeing what next month has in store!

Cheers to New Things!


PS) If you want to read my May-June Income report you can find it here. And as always you can find my daily on Instagram for more tips and tricks on how to rock social media as a stay at home mom, I love helping others pursue their passions and learn How to Make Money on Instagram. If you’re looking for even more information, check out Melyssa Griffin who is a total boss babe and is making the big bucks on social media, it can be done friends!

How I am making money through social media marketing at a stay at home mom -

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