Hosting a Christmas Party; 10 Easy Tips

Hosting a Christmas Party; 10 Easy Tips

Hosting a Christmas Party

So, you’re an adult now and you think you know all about hosting a Christmas party right? Well it might not be quite as easy as you think! That’s why you should learn from my mistakes and follow these 10 easy tips for the perfect soiree!

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Hosting a Christmas Party doesn't have to be hard; just follow these 10 easy steps to host the perfect Holiday party! -

My First Time Hosting a Christmas Party

A few years ago I decided I wanted to try my hand at hosting a Christmas party. So I threw a “formal” dinner party for some friends near Christmas time. I invited them to come over and enjoy a night of hor’devours, dinner, and merriment.

I of course, being of the social media generation, sent out a text to invite my chosen couples, stressing that this would be a formal party. It’s laughable really now, because what is “formal” about sending out a text as a christmas party invitation?

The night arrived, I was dressed to the nines, had all my candles lit, the wine chilled, and a decedent french entree simmering on the stove.

Imagine my surprise when my friends began to appear at my door in rather common place and casual outfits. I was taken aback that they hadn’t understood that this was meant to be a formal dress up event.

Of course again, I would now blame that on my lack of hostessing skills.

If there is one thing I learned from that small party mishap, it was that presentation is everything

Fast Forward to 2017

That is why this year I will be sending real christmas party invitations for my dinner party!

I partnered with Basic Invite to try out a few of their wonderful holiday party invitations. Because of the option to order a ‘sample’ I was able to preview a few options for my holiday soirees and am very excited about the results!

I was impressed by the quantity of colors available and that everything was customizable to fit my taste.

This year I am confident that when my guests receive their invitations in the mail, and the print reads that this is a formal affair, they will head my wording and come dressed appropriately.

Hosting a Christmas party doesn’t have to be hard if you plan ahead and consider some of the classy traditions of yesteryear. I’m not saying you have to do an 80’s theme (though that may be fun), just consider some of the old world etiquette that our ancestors employed.

Because if there is one thing I’ve realized it’s that a party is only going to be as classy as the hostess; which I might add I hope I’m a little more elegant these days.

If you’re looking for a few simple tips to help step your party up a notch, consider these simple suggestions!

Hosting a Christmas Party doesn't have to be hard; just follow these 10 easy steps to host the perfect Holiday party! -

10 Easy Tips for Hosting a Christmas Party

#1) Send a real invitation.

There is nothing classy about an email or text (*cough cough*). So learn from my mistakes and plan ahead so that you can send out your invitations in enough time for people to RSVP. Because a good old fashioned RSVP is a classy touch too!

#2) Offer adult beverages like cocktails or wine.

Now this may seem like a given, but I’ve gone to quite a few classy parties that only offered a beer; again, ain’t nothing classy about a walking around in my favorite little black dress holding a beer! Research a few simple cocktail recipes like this Easy Margarita Recipe or consider simply serving chilled wine.

#3) Also, serve your drinks in real glasses!

This is another mistake I’ve made before *face palm*. Don’t serve wine in plastic cups or even regular glass cups from your kitchen cabinet. Buy a couple of wine glasses or check a few local antique stores to see if you can find a vintage set.

If you really want to get fancy purchase a set of wine glass markers like the ones pictured in my photos (well actually, I made those). You can find them for cheap online or in most stores, or you can easily make a few if you have some wire, beads, and old jewelry or charms lying around the house. My guests were enchanted by the little baubles a took a moment to choose their glass because they wanted to pick their favorite!

#4) Cook something memorable.

Pizza? That’s a big no-no. If you’re not a good cook, consider looking into a meal preparation service or contacting a local restaurant for catering. Or if all else fails consider asking each guest to be in charge of one course and bring only their best dish. (You can always re-plate their offerings if they come in mama’s plastic tupperware.)

#5) Speaking of plates…Make things look nice!

Set the table ahead of time and don’t you dare use plastic utensils! This is the time to pull out all those pretty glass plates and fancy serving dishes that grandma gave you for your wedding! Consider using linen napkins, plate chargers, and even a separate glass for water. It’s the little things that really make it a classy event.

#6) Decorate!

I cheat a little and usually plan my events near Christmas because my house is already nicely decorated. But I always try to step it up a notch and make a nice center piece for my table too.

Also, don’t forget to add a little touch in areas like your bathroom! It seems silly, but a nice scented candles and a mini Christmas tree can be a really cute touch.

#7) Don’t forget the tunes!

There’s nothing worse than being at a party where every lull in the conversation is noticeable. Make sure to choose a few soft melodies from your iTunes list to have playing softly in the background; I lean towards Norah Jones or jazzy Christmas Classics to keep things low key and comfortable.

#8) Consider some mood lighting.

Just before your guests arrive, dim the lights and light a few strategically placed candles. We did our entire dinner by candle light and just the soft glow of lamps and it lent a wonderful sexy vibe to the room.

#9) Plan a game

Oh, I know what you’re thinking; “Seriously? A game!? I thought we were going for classy!” But just hear me out a moment!

Games can be a really nice ice breaker and I’m not talking about gin rummy or Sorry.

You can do and simple game of charades, or fish bowl, or my personal favorite paper telephone.

I know it sounds a little cheesy, but people always get really into it and tell me they enjoyed themselves. And it can be a great way to draw quiet people out of their shell!

#10) Lastly don’t you dare forget dessert!

If there is one classy thing every Christmas party needs it is dessert. It doesn’t need to be super hard to be fancy. You can try something a simple as an Apple Pie but try to steer clear of cookies, those are a little too common for the fancy vibes we’re going for.

Now you know all I do about Hosting a Christmas Party so go forth a prosper!

Ha, just kidding! But I do hope that these simple tips help you feel that your holiday party will be one to remember.

And if you’re looking for some company holiday party invitation ideas or christmas party invitations be sure to check out Basic Invite! They have such an amazing selection I know you’ll be able to find something to fit your style and budget.

I know I’ll be pursuing their awesome holiday card selection when I’m ready to purchase our annual Christmas cards because right now Basic Invite is offering 30% off with coupon code: holi30!

Wait, don’t tell me you don’t do those either!

Seriously, a status update on Facebook is not a sufficient Christmas greeting; ugh.

Again, try to class it up a notch, okay? Family Christmas cards are something your friends and family will cherish (for a few weeks at least), and I always make sure to print enough to slip a card into each of the baby books!

Well, I do hope you feel inspired dear friend and that you’re already starting to plan ahead and thinking about hosting a Christmas party this year; it’s so much fun I know you’ll love it!

Please consider pinning this post to your holiday Pin board so that you can utilize these easy tips so that your holiday party will go over as smooth as butter.



Hosting a Christmas Party doesn't have to be hard; just follow these 10 easy steps to host the perfect Holiday party! -

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  1. Oh sure hosting a party sounds easy. But I haven’t really tried a formal Christmas party. I would only, normally, host a birthday party which I think is pretty much given.

    With your list, I might give a formal Christmas party a thought. Thanks for having this list! Nothing beats experience as a teacher.

    1. Yes I assumed it would be easy but I guess class doesn’t come as easily as I thought 😉 I hope you will give it a shot though! Even with my little mistakes it was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to trying again this year!

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