Hashtags; The Easiest Way to be Found

Hashtags; The Easiest Way to be Found

Do Your Hashtag Homework!

Why are hashtags so important? In the vast world of Instagram or other social media platforms, hashtags are one of the main ways you can be found.

With 800 million active users on Instagram it’s safe to say that finding people you’d like to follow or helping people find you isn’t always easy; that’s where hashtags comes in.

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Hashtags are a vital part of Instagram; are you using them correctly? - Heyhonestlymommy.com
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Hashtagging allows people to connect, and in a way catalogue their photos into specific areas of Instagram. Many communities start their own hashtag(s) to help set them apart and to create a space for themselves.

For example, a trending hashtag right now is #botanicalbodyhair, crazy I know, but it’s a fun creative outlet for many photographers and allows anyone who is interested in seeing more of that type of picture to find them all in one spot.

The problem is there are also millions of hashtags out there, so how do you know which ones to use?

This is where you’re going to have to do your homework.

Some hashtags have caught on like wildfire and have millions of photos within them. Some are still just starting and haven’t hit the 1 million mark yet. Others have barely started to make a dent in their photo hoarding and fewer still are what we’d like to call “niche”; used by only a select few people.

It’s very important while choosing your hashtags that you pay attention to how many photos are in each tag; when you’re typing in a hashtag on Instagram it will show the amount of times that tag has been used on the right hand side.

You don’t want to use too many large ones as your photo will most likely get swallowed up quickly.

But, you also don’t want to use too many small tags because not as many people use them so it’s less likely that they’ll drive a lot of traffic to your photo or feed.

The general “rule” when it comes to choosing hashtags is this;

  1. Use 5-7 large (1 million hits or more)
  2. 10-15 medium (under 1 million hits)
  3. 5-10 small (under 100,000)
  4. And 1-3 hashtags for your niche

A strategy like this works well when it comes to Instagram because the larger hashtags are more likely to help you get immediate interaction on your post, whereas a medium hashtag may help you get some steady interaction throughout the day.

And there is a higher chance you could be one of the top photos in a smaller hashtag, so there’s potential you could get interaction from that for days!

But again, you have to use a mixture of large and small tags to get good results.

When I was first beginning I thought it would make more sense to just use small-medium hashtags but realized that the large hashtags are where people “hang out” in a sense and I got a lot more immediate interaction from them, so a combination of both is best.

That being said, make sure you take some time to research your hashtags!

A hashtag doesn’t always mean what you think! Consider #communityovercompetition which is meant for the small business community, but is often misused (yes I did it too) as a hashtag to help promote unity for any group.

Although this “homework” can be a bit tedious and time consuming, make sure that you do it so that your post is being seen by the right people.

Be sure to check that the hashtags you’re using are appropriate and fit the picture you’re posting. Switch them up every time!

I often see people making the mistake of using the same grouping of hashtags on every post -don’t do that! Instagram could potentially flag you as being a ‘bot’ if you continually use the same set of hashtags.

Also did you know hashtags can be “broken”? Make sure that all the ones you are using are working or else your post could be effected negatively.

I like to keep a running list of current hashtags on my phone or in a document so I can access them easily and change up my 30 every time I post.

If you’re looking for a list of hashtags for Instagram moms, I hope you’ll check out my recent post with my hashtag bank that includes over 150 hashtags for moms.

Although it can be tedious, having a good set of hashtags will make your life a lot easier when it comes to posting on Instagram and it can help you grow and attract a fresh audience.

Although you have to continually stay on top of your hashtag game it’s worth it and as you begin to understand how to better use large, medium, and small tags you’ll get a lot faster at deciding which will fit your post best.

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Learn how to use hashtags correctly to optimize your Instagram account! - HeyHonestlyMommy.com


Learn how to utilize hashtags correctly on Instagram so that your account is found by the right people. - HeyHonestlyMommy.com
Learn how to utilize hashtags correctly on Instagram so that your account is found by the right people. – HeyHonestlyMommy.com



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