Gift Ideas for Adults that are Fun and Unique

Gift Ideas for Adults that are Fun and Unique

Christmas Gifts Ideas for Adults

No *face palm* not that kind! Sheesh, get your head out of the clouds people! I mean totally normal, can open in front of your grandma Christmas gift ideas for adults; nothing of the naughty kind.

For real though, coming up with fresh gift ideas for adults that I buy for every year is exasperating! I feel like I circle around to the same few gift ideas and never have an original thought. That’s why I’ve been compiling my list of Christmas gift ideas for adults all year! Every time I came across a fun new brand or item that I thought someone on my gift list might like, I’d write it down in the notes section on my phone. I’m hoping my pre-planning will not only save my butt this year but yours as well! (Because I know all you slackers are most likely behind on your Christmas shopping; why else would you be here!?)

If you're looking for fun and unique gift ideas for adults be sure to check out these 21 ideas that includes suggestions for both men and women! -

So now before we dive head long into my list of gift ideas for adults, let me just say that some of these links may be affiliate links! I always strive to be as transparent as possible with my readers so I want you to know that most of these companies I came across while working as a Social Media Mommy on Instagram (yes, that’s a thing). But I never promote products or companies that I don’t believe in or love. But over the last few months while working with these brands I’ve developed a real love for their company so I want to show them some support here! If you have any questions please always feel free to DM me on Instagram or leave your question in the comments below!

So without further blubbering, here are my 2017 Christmas Gifts Ideas for Adults!

ByTracey (Mugs)

Please, if there is nothing else from this list that you check out, let it be ByTracey and her amazing mugs. I can’t even.

These moms are the epitome of mom life (“May Your Coffee Be Stronger than Your Coffee”) and hold as much sass as class with her beautiful floral designs. I fell in love from the moment I saw them and have given a couple out as gifts because they’re perfect, just perfect! You can use code IGFRIEND10 to receive 10% of your order! So go now and buy a cup for E V E R Y O N E!


These are my absolute favorite essential oils right now! If you’re looking for great gift ideas for adults of all walks of life you should start here! They have a beautiful ceramic diffuser that looks more like a piece of art than an essential oils diffuser; and they have some many wonderful blends and roll on oils! The oils and roll on sticks would also make great stocking stuffers for anyone who loves essential oils. Also, you can use code VITRUVIXHONESTLYMOMMY to get 20% off your order!

Custom Portrait

Here is another one of my gift ideas for adults that may seem a little odd; but give me a moment to explain! Recently I had the pleasure of working with artist Caleigh Bird who drew a gorgeous custom portrait of my children. I gifted it to my husband as an anniversary present and he was really touched. It is a wonderful keepsake that I know we will treasure forever. Plus it’s very unique in the aspect that hand drawn art is very rare these days; so why not commission a custom portrait of your own and have your very own priceless piece of art?

Day in the Life Session

If you’re anything like me, then photos mean a lot to you and are a treasure. That’s why I think a day in the life photography session, or even just a mini family session, is the perfect gift for friends or family! Who doesn’t love to have professional photos of their family? But of course professional comes with a price tag which is why sometimes we go a long way between sessions, I know I would be thrilled if some one gifted me a photography session!

Happy Socks

These are the best. End of story. Ha ha I really should just move on and let your check out their website for yourself to see why I say that, but I’ll share just a little bit.

Looking for a gift that will knock the socks off your recipient? I’ve got you covered (ha ha ha). I began working with Happy Socks about 6 months ago and truly fell in love with the items they sent me. Their socks are high quality and the cutest you’ve ever seen and their underwear are awesome too! Lol so this could be a fun gag gift or even an intimate gift depending on who you give it to! Be sure to take a minute to pursue all that they have to offer though; I know you won’t be disappointed!

Customized Phone Case

Know anyone who loves technology? (Ha ha that was kind of a trick questions seeing as thought our world is basically obsessed with their smartphones) I was lucky enough to get to work with Custom Envy a few months ago and create my own custom iPhone case and I absolutely loved my experience! It was so easy (and fun!) and almost everything was customizable! I found this gorgeous flower decal I wanted to incorporate but the colors weren’t right; but I was able to change the colors to whatever hue I wanted! I was so impressed with the level of customization and the durability of the case. So if you’re on the market for a new case, or know someone who is a little too attached to their phone, be sure to check out Custom Envy!

Camera Tripod

How often does one person end up not being in any of the photos because they’re always the one taking them? Yep, it’s a serious problem. Since people are using their phones more and more and more now days it makes sense to have a tripod on hand; oh, and also a remote shutter button! I shared about my love of my camera tripod my post Taking Pictures with Kids, I use mine almost every day! I keep an extendable tripod in my car to have on hand when we go out and also have a flexible tripod floating around my home too. So if you know a photo junkie pass on the predictable selfie stick and get them a tripod instead!


Okay, who wouldn’t love a delicious, gourmet meal delivered straight to their door? And while this doesn’t come cook, each meal comes with all the ingredients and step-by-step instructions which make them super simple ever for those who aren’t kitchen savvy. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about our experience with Hello Fresh; the recipes were easy and amazing, the service was wonderful, and all the ingredients were fresh and healthy. Bonus: you can use code HONESTLY30 for $30 off your first order!

Fancy Cutting Board

Ha! Peeps are probably reading this list thinking “where the heck does she get all this randomness?” But, like I said at the beginning, I’ve been compiling this list of Christmas gifts ideas for adults all year! Most of these companies I’ve come across while working as a Social Media Mommy on Instagram and I’ve added them to my list because I loved them! I know a cutting board may seem like kind of a strange gift, but trust me! These boards are beautiful!

I worked with Ironwood Gourmet recently and haven’t been able to get over the beauty of the board they sent me! I leave it out on my counter all the time because it’s nice looking (unlike my plastic cutting boards) and it makes for a great work space. So if you have someone who loves to cook or entertain you should consider getting them one of these fancy cutting boards that also could double as a serving platter!

Lily Jade

Okay, this is big one. As in big investment but probably one of the best Christmas gift ideas for adults I have on this list; okay, well adult women anyhow. Trust me when I say that mamas and ladies a like love Lily Jade! Men, you probably don’t even want to know how much two giveaways women love these bags or what they would do for one. How do I know? Well, I was lucky enough to get to do with them and wow, just wow! Ladies love these bags.

Why? Because they’re amazing. Lily Jade is actually a high quality leather diaper bag that can easily be made into a purse. It features an easily convertible strap system that allows you to go between and over the shoulder bag and back pack in under a minute. It also has a convenient little tote like bag inside with tons of pockets that you can fill with baby stuff; but then, if you are headed out without the kids you can easily remove it and have a gorgeous purse! I cannot say enough good things about my Lily Jade bag! I get comments on how beautiful it is all the time! So if you really want to impress your girl with your amazing gift giving skills, give this one serious consideration!

Bright Box

Alright, I didn’t mean to do this, but we basically went from the most expensive to the least expensive gift ideas for adults. These darling littles boxes top out and a whopping $5 -yep that’s right, five whole dollars. They’re cute a customizable and can be sent to anyone on your list. So if you have a pen pal or even someone you don’t see often that you would like to bless, just hop over to their website and ship one of these off today!

Bonding Bee’s Date Night Box

This is another company that I had the privilege of working with and absolutely loved! They sent my husband and I an awesome little date night package that included games, thought provoking questions, a dessert recipe, and a few other cute things. We both agreed that it was the most fun we’d had during a night at home in a long time. This would make a great gift for any couple! Also, you could give a 1, 3, or 6 month subscription! Definitely check out Bonding Bee’s if you want a very unique gift idea this year!

Too Much Monday

Here is another great subscription box that would be a great gift idea for adults who love to be pampered! The Too Much Monday subscription box includes a book of the month, tea, and fun pampering products like a bath bomb, nail polish, treats, candles, etc. I have loved receiving these monthly boxes and always look forward to the reminder to take a little time for myself. The books that are included are always fantastic I’ve enjoyed reading them. Again, I love the idea that you could gift this box in increments so it’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Dakota Light Soy Candles

I know this one seems really generic as you can go just about anywhere and get candles, but, let me just tell you that these are the cream of the crop! I met the owner while doing a craft fair years ago in Sioux Falls, SD. She was a doll and her candles were some of the best I’ve ever smelt. Of course we got to chatting and she told me all about why she only uses soy wax and how bad regular wax candles actually are for us and the environment and I of course was hooked!

That year I gave Dakota Light candles out to quite a few people and they were very well received. As I mentioned before, her scent combinations are out of this world! And when coupled with the information about clean burning I truly impressed everyone who received one. Dakota Light also offers “Man Cave Candles” so don’t think these are only for girls!

Nicki Chicki Knits

Have any hat loving friends? Or how about the handmade-lover in your group? These handmade knits would be the perfect gift ideas for adults on your list who love fun and unique items! Made by the blue haired Nicki and her team these knits couldn’t be more amazing! Beanies featuring pom-poms, cardigans with baubles, gorgeous infinity scarves, and more! I’ve been ogling her stuff on Instagram forever and love how creative her items are.

Pure Suds

If you have a natural products enthusiast on your list you should consider one of these awesome hand made soaps! Made by a mama friend of mine with all natural ingredients these bars are awesome! She also makes salves that are amazing! I always am looking for natural products and ways to support local small businesses so this is the best of both worlds for me. I love finding gift ideas for adults that I feel like give back to those around me as well!

Dirty Farm Girl

Speaking of natural products, I should probably share this company too! They make all natural skin care, home products, hair care, deodorant, etc. This would be a great shop to stock up on products for all your friends who love naturopathic supplies! I have not personally tried their products but my friend works from them as their skin care consultant and has raved about them to me. I have added them to my wishlist this year and am looking into a few products to gift to friends!

Baby Laundry and More

I know this one probably seems a bit odd considering the title Baby Laundry, but this company has the most luscious pinky blankets; and they come in adult sizes! My children each received one a while ago and they quickly became the only blankets they will sleep with! And I totally understand why because any chance I get I’m snuggling underneath it too! I think this would be a fun idea for a significant other as a cuddle eliciting present *wink wink*. You can thank me later.

Letter Board

This gift idea for adults is obviously influenced by Instagrambut, I have thoroughly enjoyed my letter board! It’s become a fun prop for my any photos and also a decoration for my house. These come in many shapes, sizes, and colors so they’re easily customizable for anyone on your list; particularly if you know someone who loves words! Actually even my three year old loves playing with the letters and arranging them on the board.

Funny T-Shirts

I know there are many sassy t-shirt companies on the market but in my opinion this one takes the cake. Thread Tank has all the best saying! Plus they have an awesome line of ‘roots’ t-shirts that highlight each state in a darling way. Definitely take a peek at their fun designs. I’m sure you’ll be able to find something for everyone on your list since they have men and women’s t’s!

DIY Bath Bombs

If you’re a DIY type person and love giving handmade gifts you should definitely check out my recipe for DIY Bath bombs! These make perfect gifts on their own or are great socking stuffers! You can make a wide variety of sizes and scents for adults of kids too! I’ve been making these for a couple of years now and they are always received with excitement.

Shop My Gift Ideas for Adults:

Well, hopefully you’ve found at least one fresh idea and are ready to start tackling your Christmas list! What unique gift ideas for adults do you have that I’ve missed? I always love to hear what others buy their loved ones!

Happy Shopping!


PS) If you’re looking for other great gift ideas for adults, check out this gift round up by The Upstate Mama. She made and awesome gift guide for all the ladies on your list!

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