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Resources to Start You on the Road to Success!

Being an Influencer can be overwhelming, this list should help get you started in the right direction towards making money and partnering with companies today!

(This post contains affiliate links, I may be compensated for purchases made through links on this page; but that’s what we’re all here to learn about, right?)

Sites for Influencers

One thing to note, is that some of these sites have minimum requirements that Influencers must meet in order to join, others don’t. It never hurts to apply and see if you’re accepted even if you don’t meet the minimum requirements.

Clever  – This site offers a variety of campaigns with large companies, once you’re accepted you’re able to apply for campaigns that have payouts as high as $1,500 for varying objectives. This is a multi-platform site and it is helpful to have a pre-established Facebook page, Instagram account, blog, and Twitter account.

FullBottle – Similarly you have to be accepted to this site, but they also have large brands that they work with and work on a pay-per-like basis. You “bid” on a campaign and if accepted publish an approved post. Your post is monitored and you get paid for all likes that are earned within 72 hours of the launch date. ALSO, if you reffer someone and they complete a campaign you get $200!!! So please, please add my name (Stephanie Peltier) to your application so I get credit or shoot me and email and I’ll send you a direct link where you can sign up! (Thanks in advance!)

Blog Meet Brand – This is mainly for bloggers, but also includes social shares. Once accepted you can sign up for a variety of campaigns and when you apply you choose your own rate for blog/social shares.

Linquia – This platform mainly features pay-per-click campaigns with large companies where you are given a personalized link and are responsible for getting users to click on it without expressly asking for clicks. I personally felt that the amount of work I put into the campaign wasn’t worth the pay out, but, they do have a good referral program ($5 each person who your refer) and maybe your following is more “clicky” than mine, it’s always worth a try!

Tap Influence – Sign up with this site for opportunities to work with large companies; catch, they review your profile and contact you, so basically you use sit around in the marketplace waiting for someone to contact you. But, you do get to set your own rates so at least you know if a company contacts you they already know what you charge! Also, this company seems to work with a lot of really big brands.

Hashtag Paid – You must have a minimum of 5k Instagram followers to be accepted to this site, but you still can go ahead and sign up before then, your profile just won’t be active until you’ve reached 5k. Like Tap Influence, you create a profile and wait for brands to reach out to you but you also set your own rates.

Apex Drop – Mainly a fashion focused website, you must have 5k to be accepted, fashion influencers get the opportunity to work with large and expensive name brands in exchange for posts. Some are paid gigs, some are not, but the products are normally always very high end.

Mom Select – A site for moms and mom bloggers to sign up. You submit your form and they send you opportunities to participate in programs.

Influenster – Sign up with this site for the opportunity to receive products for free to review. This is a shoppers paradise with the opportunity to review and receive free products and try things before they’ve even hit the market.

Like It To Know It – This one is specifically geared towards Instagram Influencers as it allows you to tag items in your picture and people with the app can screenshot your photo to find out details, if they buy, you make money. Easy peasy for those who have a large following or lean towards fashion posts.

Revfluence – This platform does have certain requirements you have to meet in order to be accepted, but it’s very Instagram focused which can be helpful for a lot of influencers!

Popular Pays – Another platform to help get you connected with different campaigns. You can choose campaigns and apply for them and you get to set your own rates!

Everywhere Society – Influencer platform.

Social Fabric -“a community where influencers collaborate and are paid to produce quality content for some of the largest brands in the world” -from

THB Marketing House – A social platform focused more on fashion but offering quality collabs, you apply to be a part of the influencer community and brands either reach out to you or you can also apply for marketing campaigns on their website.

Activate – Another platform for social media influencers. You sign up with their company and they send you and email with the list of campaigns currently available if you’d like to apply for them.

Glambassador – Bidding site for social media influencers.

Influicity – Influencer platform.

Chamboost – Influencer platform.

Cohley – Influencer platform.

Rizer – Influencer platform.

Acorn – Influencer platform.

Apps for Influencers:

Collabor8 – This app is mainly for trade, although you can set rates, most companies are just looking to trade product for publicity. It’s a nice way to get your foot in the door, work with fun companies, and get some free swag. This app has a lot of handmade and start up companies.

BeeRoll – An app that allows you to sign up and upload/create videos for campaigns that will pay you based of certain requirements. They work with large companies like LG, Starbucks, Coke and more! A really fun platform for people who like to make videos.

MuseFind – Another app that allows you to connect with companies. This app is a little more strict and has certain guidelines set by the company and will also ask you to submit a photo for approval before posting, but they tend to work with higher end companies with fancier items to offer.

Social Blue Book – Another valuable site worth mentioning, although it doesn’t offer you anything, you can sign up and plugin your stats to have a better idea of your reach, engagement, and the amounts you should potentially be charging clients. You can also send an overview of your profile to clients if you feel that would help increase your standing.

Other ways you can consider making money as a blogger:

Amazon Affiliate – You can sign up with sites like Amazon to become and affiliate, I made money almost instantly just by placing a link to products I use and love on one of my blog posts.

Web Hosting Affiliate – If you are already a blogger, check your web host and see if they have an affiliate program, most do, and you can sign up and start earning commission when people choose to go through your provider. I am an affiliate with Bluehost and make a $65 commission for every new person I refer to them! (So if you’re planning to start your blog with Bluehost, please sign up through my affiliate link!)

Google Ads – This is a way that I know a lot of big bloggers make money, but that’s also one of the problems, you have to be a big blogger with page views in the 100’s of thousands for this to actually add up.

Affiliate Programs – Almost every major site, brand, or company is now starting to offer affiliate programs, and I’m not talking multi level marketing here. Basically you sign up, share their products and make money off every sale you help create. Obviously you wouldn’t want to get into too many of these at once or you could come across as a sales person, but if you find companies you truly love and would like to work with on a regular basis, consider checking to see if they have an affiliate program before reaching out!

Ways to spread the word about your blog:

There are tons of accumulative blog sites where you can sign up to become a contributor and send your blog posts to them to be published for more exposure. Some of them include Be Front RowThought Catalog, and Huffington Post.

Stumble Upon is another helpful site to hopefully generate some traffic! You can upload your blog profiles and if people like them they will continue to get “stumbled” creating an increase in visitors.

Another way to hopefully skyrocket your blog exposure is Pinterest, but of course you already knew that one I’m sure 😉

In Closing:

Well, I hope that helped! This is a list of all the resources I’ve signed up for/have been using in the past couple of months to help get new connections and partner with new companies! If you’re in treated in learning more about my journey of becoming an Instagram Influencer, you can read these posts:

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