Father’s Day with JORD Watches 

Father’s Day with JORD Watches 

This year I’m making Father’s Day special with a Wood Watch from JORD.

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I really love any reason to celebrate individuals and make them feel special; so that is exactly what I plan to do this Father’s Day!

Father's Day with JORD Watches - Honestly Mommy
In our social media saturated society, we often forget to actually say nice things to people in person; so often we just send a quick text or post on their “wall”. Now don’t get me wrong, that is great and can totally make someone’s day, but nothing beats honest to goodness human interaction: looking someone in the eyes and telling them how amazing they are. And all too often it’s those we love the most that we forget to tell.

My husband works hard you guys. He’s in school right now (full-time I might add) training to be a police officer and he also holds a full-time job. He continually surprises me at the level of excellence he executes in every area of his life; this man is deserving of some praise.

I appreciate so many things about my husband, he’s strong, handsome, a good provider, a hard worker, a great lover, a wonderful friend, and yet so often I only focus on the negatives and find myself nitpicking his character flaws. It’s just so easy to take for granted those who are closest to us. That’s why this year for Father’s Day I really wanted to do something special and let my husband know how amazing I think he is.

Father's Day with JORD Watches - Honestly Mommy
That is why I am so excited to get to feature JORD watches this Father’s Day! I feel this elegant and timeless keepsake is such a wonderful reminder of all the hard work and time that he has and is currently investing into our family, and our future.

I wanted something really special that was a representation of his dedication and commitment to our family and what could be a better picture of that than this stunning and unique watch? I’ve never really been a fan of the thick, gaudy metal watches that are so common for men. These sleek wood watches are the perfect mix of old world style and modern technology that had me swooning the first time I came across their page. (Of course my husband probably wouldn’t say he was swooning over them, lol, but that’s how I felt anyways.)

Unique Wood Watch
When his Conway series Kosso & Midnight Blue watch came in the mail I had to physically restrain myself from tearing the box open. It was horrible having to wait until he got home from work to open the box! (But since it was his I figured it was only fair if he got to open it…)

Wood Watch
I have to say we were both very impressed with the packaging and the high quality of the watch, I’d never seen a wood watch in person before so I was shocked by how beautiful it was. The watch came wrapped around a cushy pillow and nestled in a gorgeous magnetic box (which itself is a sort of keepsake), I mean basically this is the king of all watches and it arrived in a kingly fashion. I was so thrilled to see my husband admiring his gift and loved that it made him feel special and appreciated.

If you’re interested in checking out their watches, head over to JORD and browse their beautiful selection of unique watches; they have beautiful men and women’s watches also!

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Father's Day with JORD Watches - Honestly Mommy

Celebrate Father's Day in style with unique wood watch by JORD

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