Duluth the Perfect Getaway Destination

Duluth the Perfect Getaway Destination

Exploring Duluth, Minnesota

Our getaway to Duluth: reconnecting and exploring.

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Visiting Glensheen mansion and touring Duluth on a martial getaway - HeyHonestlyMommy.com

It has been five years since my husband and I have been on any sort of getaway, and let me just say folks, that is way too long as I’m sure you would all agree! That is why I am so grateful that we were able to get away for a night just the two of us and do some exploring up in Duluth.

When my husband first told me a month ago that he was planning a little surprise getaway for us I was surprised and absolutely thrilled; I couldn’t wait to reconnect just the two of us. He kept everything a surprise until the week before when he announced “we’re going to Duluth”. I was so excited as I hadn’t been there since I was a kid and couldn’t wait to revisit it as an adult.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, let me just say, Duluth makes a beautiful getaway destination!

First off, my husband did an amazing job choosing a hotel and went with Beacon Pointe which was nestled just a little ways outside downtown Duluth and offered us a stunning view of Lake Superior. Our condo was beautiful, felt completely secluded, and had an entire room devoted to the jacuzzi which had me swooning the moment I saw it; oh, and did I mention we had a large private deck that overlooked the lake!? Seriously amazing.

Secondly he did a great job shuttling me around and playing the perfect Instagram husband. This was his first real taste of being an Instagram Hubby and I thought he did an excellent job putting up with me. His only question each time was “do I have to be in this photo?” Ha ha.

Lastly can I focus for a minute on the highlight of my trip? Glensheen.

Visiting Beacon Pointe on Lake Superior and Glensheen mansion while in Duluth on a marital getaway - HeyHonestlyMommy.com

If you’ve been there that’s all I need to say, if not, I seriously suggest you consider booking a trip to Duluth soon! I am a huge fan of the show Downton Abbey and this was like Minnesota’s very own Downton! My husband and I spent almost three hours just wandering the house and it’s extensive grounds.

While I’m a bit of a history lover, even those who don’t take an interest in the subject would be hard pressed not to love this house. The entire mansion is steeped in culture and there is so much intrinsic detail it will hold any audience captive. Add to that the beautiful back story of a family that rose from nothing to become one of the most prominent families in Minnesota and you have yourself a wonderful example of the American dream come true. This house has been so well-preserved you could almost imagine you’ll see a maid scurrying around the corner at any moment, or that you might run into one of the Congdon family members roaming the halls.

Visiting Glensheen mansion and touring Duluth on a martial getaway - HeyHonestlyMommy.com

I was also touched by the love story of Chester and Clara Congdon. They met in school, both were teachers, and they rose from rags to riches hand in hand. Chester died fairly young at 63 years old, and Clara’s closet is filled with dark clothing as it was said she spent the rest of her life mourning him. Their story warmed my heart; what a beautiful example of martial devotion.

And if the house doesn’t wow you, the 12 acre estate surely will. Jeremy and I spent an hour and half roaming the gardens, walking hand in hand down lush wooded paths to secluded spots. This is a lovers mansion to be sure! Everything was so picturesque and romantic I half expected a fairy to go flying by at any moment. I was so thrilled to get to experience Glensheen in all her beauty and it set a wonderful tenor for the rest of our trip.


Visiting Glensheen mansion and touring Duluth on a martial getaway - HeyHonestlyMommy.com

Just talking about how wonderful our getaway to Duluth was makes me want to go all over again!

In my opinion there is nothing better for your kids than modeling a strong and healthy marriage, so I am very grateful for the time we were able to spend in Duluth putting the focus back on the us.

Thank you to everyone who helped make it a reality.


PS) For more information on Glensheen Mansion you can visit their website here. And if you’re interested in booking a room at Beacon Pointe you can find more information here.

Visiting Glensheen mansion and touring Duluth on a martial getaway - HeyHonestlyMommy.com

Visiting Glensheen mansion and touring Duluth on a martial getaway - HeyHonestlyMommy.com

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