Unique Christmas Gifts for Kids

Unique Christmas Gifts for Kids

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

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Zeke in his new “Batman” Costume from Little Adventure DressUps

Oh man. Christmas is right around the corner and with it comes the pressure to not only buy gifts for everyone you know, but to buy them the perfect gift *insert eye roll emoji here* After one of two Christmases you may have given up hope on finding unique Christmas gifts for kids. Let’s be honest, we all shop the same stores every year; not much originality there.

If you haven’t read my post about Unique Subscription Boxes for Kids make sure you check it out to get a few fun ideas for a gift that keeps on giving. I know a lot of times my kids are very overwhelmed by the amount of gifts they get a Christmas; so I love the idea of doing subscription boxes that can arrive in the months after Christmas to help spread things out a little.

One of my favorite things about being a Social Media Mom is that I’ve gotten to work with many amazing companies that I probably never would have seen before. So please be aware that although I’ve worked with most of these companies in exchange for free product in the past, I am recommending them to you because my kids and I honestly loved them. I think the whole struggle with finding a unique gift is that essentially we get stuck in a rut; you’re most likely not going to find any of these suggestions at your local shopping mall!

Oh man…Where to start!? Alright, I’m just going to start my list, I have no idea how to “rank” any of these because they’re all wonderful choices! So don’t think of this list is a least to greatest type thing, but as a “Steph’s-all-time-favorites” thing instead.

Christmas Gifts for Kids - www.heyhonestlymommy.com
Cici and Hedgie (a toy from Manhattan toy company) playing the princess and the pea in her Little Adventure DressUps dress.

Little Adventure Dress Ups

O. M. G.

Ha! I’m like what else can I say!? This company is amazing! Each outfit is made out of soft, sustainable fabrics that are washable; yes mama, you read that right. Their princess dresses leave me wishing I could rewind and be a kid again. I used to play dress up for hours when I was younger and these are the type of dresses that I dreamed about owning.

They also have a nice selection of boy dress up outfits which I think is one of the things that make them a really unique choice of Christmas gifts for kids. My son received one of their pirate outfits this summer and loved it so much he made us all dress up as pirates for Halloween! Recently he got the batman superhero outfit and he’s been batman ever since.

Reading Bug Box

We love books; then again, what kid doesn’t!? The Reading Bug Box is a subscription box service that is catered to your child’s individual interests. A personal shopper takes into account the individuality of your child and then picks out books accordingly. I can’t even tell you how perfect the books were that we received in our box! There were books for each of them and then a few that fit both their age ranges. One of my daughter’s very favorite books Shoe La La came from that box; it’s a signed copy and everything!

So if books are your thing but you don’t necessarily have time to spend three hours in Barnes and Noble finding books for your kids; consider this subscription box!

Baby Laundry and More

Anyone have a cuddler? My daughter loves to snuggle up in my lap and lay her head back against my shoulder, she’s a lover of all things soft and plush which is why I knew she’d love a blanket from Baby Laundry! They’re made out of lusciously soft minky fabrics and come in a darling array of designs. I also received one for my son and both may babes are thrilled to have their own ‘special’ blanket. I love how these blankets have a bit of weight to them, the heavy fabrics are wonderful!

Tiny Violet Shop

If you have a daughter, or are buying for a little girl, make sure to check out this shop! Tiny Violet Shop is filled with magical little star and cloud wands that are handmade by a sweet mommy named Megan. She also makes baby accessories and wall hangings but these wands stole my heart months ago on her Instagram page and I’m still in love with them! My daughter is a little young to understand the beauty of such a sweet gift, so I’m cataloging this one away for next year!

Cuddle and Kind Dolls

If you haven’t heard of these dolls yet I’m slightly wondering if you live under a rock; but that’s besides the point. These dolls are handcrafted and just the cutest little things you ever did see! whimsical and sturdy these little guys and gals are just begging to be loved! Each one has the most darling details and they range from mermaids, to foxes, to penguins; which is why I think they’d be awesome Christmas gifts for kids! Be sure to check out Cuddle and Kind Dolls and read about their mission to give back also.

Air fort

If you’re looking for something a bit out of the norm the year while shopping for Christmas gifts for kids, check out Air Fort! The first time I saw this I couldn’t get over how genius this is! My kids love a good fort and this one is simple set up and best of all simple to clean up! It’s essentially an igloo shaped dome that connects to a box fan to make a darling blow up fort; definitely something fun and unique for the kiddos!

Cuddle Cups

These are one of the sweetest Christmas gifts for kids that I have on the list (pun intended). These darling little felt confections are too cute for words! We received two in our July Mom ‘n Tot Subscription box and have fallen in love with them! They are my daughter’s go-to play food choice and she often feeds them to her dollies. I love how classy they look too with so many fun and colorful options!

Melissa and Doug

If you’ve been to Target (like ever) then you’ve probably heard of Melissa and Doug Toys. I fell in love with them years ago when my son was born because I they are well made and educational. They have a wide variety of fun Christmas gifts for kids of all ages that help stimulate imaginative play. Being a regular Target goer myself, I’ve mostly only seen the toys that Target has to offer. But now that I’ve been on their website I know there is an even wider selection of fun toys to choose from so make sure you stop in at melissaanddoug.com!

Manhattan Toy Company

Speaking of wonderful toys that Target carries; here’s another on of my favorite brands! Again, if you follow me on Instagram then you’re probably aware that my daughter is obsessed with a stuffed hedgehog toy we’ve christened Hedgie; well he’s made by Manhattan Toy Company. After my daughter fell head over heels for hedgehog when she received him as a gift last Christmas, I checked out their website to see what else they have to offer. They have a fun variety of Christmas gifts for kids and have amazing plush toys; perfect for adding to a baby shower gift! My daughter also has one of their Wee Baby Stella dolls and loves it! She soft and cute and comes with darling accessories!

The Nugget

Here’s one of the most unique Christmas gift for kids that I’ve come across; the Nugget. It’s a couch, no it’s a bed, no it’s every child’s dream piece of furniture! Something they can jump on and abuse as much as they want without breaking it (and all the mamas go “oooooo!”) I first ran across the “Nugget” on instagram and had to go check out their website because it thought it was such a fun idea. Being from the North, my son gets a little crazy during the winter months; how awesome would something like this be to help him get his energy out!? We used to have something similar when I was a kid and it was so fun to jump and play on!


These. Are. Awesome.

My grandma bought these for my son for Christmas last year and we all were wowed! These unique, plastic shapes have magnets that rotate inside them to allow them to make infinite combinations. There are many different sets that come with fun piece to help augment your creativity; currently we have the basic set and the set that allows you to make a car, but hope to add more soon. Magformers are an awesome gift that you can add to on special occasions and are good for girls or boys!

Rideable Horse

This one is a little more on the expensive side; but I have to say these things are amazing! A local play cafe has a whole herd of these little guys and my son spends all day riding them! Basically it’s a mechanical horse that the child bounces up on down on to get it to roll; they use the head to steer and it really mimics the actions of riding a horse! It’s probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen and I know my kids would love to have one of their very own. They’re made by UFREE and I’ve linked to a product I found on Amazon that looks like the horses we’ve used before.

Christmas Gifts for Kids - www.heyhonestlymommy.com
Cici playing with her Cuddle Cups (Photo by UsLoveWe Photography)

Alternatives to Presents

Now of course I am one of those “crazy” moms who’d rather people didn’t get my kids gifts at all *loud gasp*. Yes I know this seems crazy, but really, when I look around at the obnoxious amount of toys we already have, I cringe at the thought of more. So, if you’re like me, maybe try a one of these more none traditional Christmas gifts for kids.


I believe one of the best gifts you can give a child is a memory; consider a movie date, sleep over, a pizza night, a day at a water park, etc. Memories will out last any toy. So before you consider toys, maybe try to think of a fun event your could bring the child to rather than just a gift.

You could also provide the opportunity for the child and their family to make memories. If there are many children in the family, you could alternate babysitting days so that each child had the chance to go out alone with their parent(s). I know my son always loves the opportunity to have some one-on-one time with me!

Savings Account

If you’d like to invest in the future, cash is always a great gift! You might be thinking “well duh”, but usually cash ends up being spent rather than saved. If you want to make sure the money goes into savings, check out KidFund. It’s an app that allows you to create a safe and secure bank account where anyone can deposit money with the click of a button; talk about smart!

Magazine Subscription

This past year my son received a subscription to Highlight Magazine for Christmas and we loved it! Nothing big, plastic, and bulky to lug back home, and something fresh each month! My son always looked forward to receiving his magazine and would spend days doing through it. Best of all I can easily throw it away when we’re done with it. There are many fun and educational children’s magazines available that would make great Christmas gifts for kids of all ages.

Indoor Playground Pass

Another great option would be to purchase a pass to a local indoor play ground. We have quite a few near us but they’re fairly expensive to go to so we’re not able to go often. I would love to be able to visit a few times for free; what a great Christmas gift that would be for all of us!

Christmas Gifts for Kids, the Wrap Up

Well, there you have it folks! That is officially my list of Christmas gifts for kids! Some of these items we already own and love, others are items that I’ve been scoping out for a while now and will most likely end up under the tree this year, but one way or another, this is a list of some of my favorite kid items! Hope you’ll find inspiration here and hopefully come across a few new brands or ides for Christmas gifts for kids that you hadn’t thought of before! And if you like the idea of sending your little one a subscription box, make sure to check out my list of Unique Subscription Boxes for Kids for more information!

I’d be ever so grateful if you’d share this list to your Pinterest board to help spread the word about these awesome companies!

Also, if you’re looking for some of great Christmas gifts for kids, be sure to check out the gift guides that some of my blogger mom friends have put together! Baby Gift Guide by Arin,  Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide by Hilary, One Year Old Girl Gift Guide by Kayla, and Little Girl Small Shop Gift Guide by Jenifer.

To Finding the Perfect Holiday Gift!


PS) You can shop some of the gifts I mentioned above through the Amazon affiliate links I’ve provided below!



Christmas Gifts for Kids - www.heyhonestlymommy.com
Mmmmm tasty! Cuddle Cups make great snacks 😉 (Photo by UsLoveWe Photography)

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