Birthday Ramblings 

Then suddenly you wake up one day and you’re old.

The clothes that you tucked in the back of your closet for sentimental reason are in style again, music you played in your car as a teenager are being called “oldie but goodies” on the radio, and when you walk into Dominoes to pick up your pizza, the pimply teen at the counter addresses you as “ma’am”. Come on, really?

Age slowly creeps up on you, you don’t realize that you grow older each day until you wake up one day with an ache in your knees and a stiffness in your shoulder that tells you surely you are old; oh and that you slept on your left side last night. 

But I mean, you don’t feel old. Yesterday you were young, vibrant, full of life. And today you’re just hoping to make it to the 9 o’clock news before passing out on the couch. 

One day rolls into another and 18 becomes 19 becomes 20, 30, then 40.

How did this happen anyways? 

Wasn’t it just yesterday that you were a young child excitedly awaiting the arrival of Santa on  Christmas morning and now you’re trying not to debunk the Santa myth with your own kids. 

I refuse to believe that with age comes wrinkles, and slow metabolisms, less energy and a bigger pooch. I mean, those are all myths….Like Santa Claus….Right…?


Oh well, at least with age comes wisdom they say… Still waiting on that one I guess….

When does one generation turn into another and the young become the “old” anyways? Is it just my imagination or did that magically happen last night sometime between 11:59 and 12:01?

Forever Young, 


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