About Me

Introducing Honestly Mommy;

Hello, my name is Stephanie, welcome to my corner of the internet! I have been told for years that I’m honest….maybe a little too honest. It took me a long time in a society of Instagram perfection and social media platitudes to realize that genuine honesty is a positive trait, not a character flaw. I have embraced who I am and love giving women the courage to embrace who they are also; flaws and all. My goal is to always be uplifting, encouraging, and supportive no matter what season you find yourself in.

My Honest Pledge:

I am not out to turn a profit at the expense of my readers; If I promote a product on this site it is because I genuinely believe in it and have tested it myself. I will not betray your trust by giving a glowing review of a product that I did not like; I’m honest remember? I truly take that seriously and want to help make your life easier one honest tip, review, or product at a time. (You can read my full disclosure here.)

About Me, The Longer Version:

I am the second of five girls, growing up I was horribly shy and hated everything about myself; I struggled with self worth and battled an on going fight daily to just be me. I have fought my whole life to discover who I really am on the inside and I will continue to fight to be true to myself, to be honest in everything I do. This is my story.

At 18 I got married and was whisked away to Oklahoma city where my husband who at the time was in the United States Air Force was stationed. Living on my own, completely removed from all friends and family I was suddenly faced with the reality that I hardly knew myself. I felt pressured to be so many different people at once and had a hard time wading through the labels everyone had put on me over the years to try and figure out who I actually was at the core of my being.

Fast forward a few years, my husband’s time in the military was finished and we decided to move to the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOPKC) to pursue ministry and the calling we felt God had on our lives. It was there, in the midst of the “singing seminary” that I found God. Oh, I’d been a “christian” all my life and can’t even tell you the day I got “saved”, but it was that mentality that had me living a mediocre life of religion and rules. It wasn’t until I encountered God on a very real level and He declared my name over me and helped me to see who He’d created me to be that I truly began to walk in the Kingdom. During our time at IHOPKC I trained as a worship leader in their school of music and also sang professionally on stage for a few years. I deeply loved my time in ministry, but when I felt God call me into a new season I was ready.

Hello motherhood! My first child was born 03.04.14 and I was smitten! Ever since I was little girl I had always wanted to be a wife and mother; and now I finally was! Was it everything I dreamed it would be? No. Because nothing really ever lives up to your childhood dreams, and I’m sure you’re waiting for my to say it was even better than I had ever imagined, but honestly people, let’s get real; motherhood is messy, crazy, and most days I’m a complete disaster! But I would’t trade it for the world. I love my life and the little family my husband and I have created together more than anything.

Two years later baby number two was born on 05.02.16. Just before her arrival we moved back to our home state of Minnesota, my husband started pursuing a career in policing, and our son turned two; it was a busy year for us to say the least. But that friends is where you find me now; 27, living in MN with a now 3 and 1 year old, about to celebrate 9 years of marriage. I’m happy as a clam, as they say, but life is still hard and I won’t sugar coat that part.

This blog and my Instagram account are part of my mommy escape time. I love writing and taking pictures and these social media platforms have become a sort of escape for me. I love documenting my journey and sharing my inner thoughts (that maybe shouldn’t be shared lol), I hope you’ll come along on this journey with me and find some inspiration while you’re here!

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