Rock a T-Shirt 7 Ways with these Tips!

Rock a T-Shirt 7 Ways with these Tips!

T-shirts; soft, comfortable, so easy to throw on, and yet they scream “mom”.

Okay ladies, let’s get real for a second, we all love to wear t-shirts, probably a little too much.

“But they’re just so easy.” I hear you saying, “And they’re comfortable, and hide my muffin top!” Yes, yes I know because I’m right there with you, and recently I have been introduced to Thread Tank (who makes the cutest t-shirts ever) so suddenly my wardrobe is overflowing with all these daring t-shirts. Of course, I’m not really a t-shirt girl, I mean, I lean a little more towards the “fashionista” end of the spectrum, so of course I decided if I was going to wear t-shirts on the daily, I was going to rock them…ya’ know?

Here are my top 7 Tips on How to Wear a T-shirt, the right way.

1) Spice it up a little! T-shirt and jeans? Boring. T-shirt and colored pants? Totally cute! Or try a pair of patterned pants or even leggings if your shirt is long enough to cover your lady parts (don’t even get me started on this soap box, I’ll say it once, I’ll say it a thousand times; leggings are NOT pants!)

Rock a T-shirt 7 ways
2) Layering two ways; of course in the cooler months it’s easy to throw a cardigan over a t-shirt to help make it a little more sophisticated, but in the summer months I like to use my little jean cut off shirt over a t-shirt to give it an extra pop; plus it kind of makes me feel like a punk rock chic, and that’s always fun. Secondly don’t underestimate the power of a simple cami! Throw a cute color on under your t-shirt so there’s a little peep of color.

3) Accessorize! OH my gosh ladies! Throw on a necklace, some earrings, something! You know what makes t-shirts boring? You do! T-shirts can be super cute and even classy when you add the right accessories, stop treating your t-shirt like slop clothes and starting wearing them with some sophistication! (Not to mention checkers are totally back in style right now and they look fantastic with a simple T!)

Rock a T-shirt 7 ways
4) Tuck it in! Whoa now…Yes, yes I did just recommended you tuck your shirt in, am I crazy? Probably. But high-waisted jeans and tucked shirts are in right now. If you lean a little hipster or vintage-y this look can be totally cute! And even if you don’t have the waist for it fake it ’til you make it honey! Tuck your shirt in then arch your back and pull it out just slightly, this will help the shirt relax a bit and keep from highlighting your muffin top. Oh! And try tucking it into your maxi skirt now and again too!

5) Wear it over a dress. I have a couple of super cute maxi dresses that are now too small in the boob area (thank you breast-feeding), so they look awkward when I try to wear them because they cut my boobs in half rather than sitting below them. Instead of tossing them out (like I totally should) I wear a t-shirt over the top and either create a skirt or you can tie your t-shirt up to make a cute crop top, speaking of crop tops….

Rock a T-shirt 7 ways
6) Crop it! Crop tops are so in right now! And although most of them are much too revealing for my taste, you can create your own by tying or tucking your t-shirt to the length you want. If you have an old junker that you don’t care about you could even cut it to create your own crop top, but since I like (most) my t’s, I’m going to stick with tying for now.

7) Wear it with a skirt! I love maxi skirts in the summer and a cute T is the perfect topper for a maxi skirt. Also you could consider tucking it in to a pencil skirt for a trendy and chic spin.

Rock a t-shirt 7 ways
Sometimes I feel like we’ve just got to get out of our comfort zones a little! So often we fall into a rut and just throw our clothes on haphazard in the morning. Now I totally get that because #momlife…But it doesn’t take a lot to make your outfit cute and I also don’t believe you have to sacrifice comfort to do it!

Lately while sporting my ‘Love is My Super Power’ T by Love on the Regular or my Minnesota ‘Roots’ T by Thread Tank I have been getting lots of compliments on how cute my outfit is; by applying the tips above I feel like my typical T-shirt outfits have gone from “momish” to chic, and yet I’ve stayed just as comfortable as ever!

Happy T-shirt Wearing!


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